The phone interview with Greg Roberts who wrote the article
in The Australian 5th October 2008

Comment: while the reporters twist your words when writing articles they hate being caught out or having their own ethics put on their line. This brief interview transcribed below speaks for itself.

(The live audio interview on 7th February 2008 will load behind this page... starts with the ringing of Roberts' phone)

Hello (Greg Roberts)

Hello is that Greg Roberts (Scott Balson)

Yes (Greg Roberts)

Greg Roberts this is Scott Balson. I take it you would have seen the article in The Australian today? (Scott Balson)

Yes I did (Greg Roberts)

Yeah pity you wrote (Scott Balson)... congratulations (Greg Roberts)

Sorry? (Scott Balson)

I said congratulations (Greg Roberts)

Why congratulations? (Scott Balson)

Well your application or whatever you call it was upheld... (Greg Roberts)

Well do you think it would go any other way? (Scott Balson)

Well I don't know Scott, I don't have time to talk about this... (Greg Roberts)

Well you know when you think (Roberts terminates the call... beeping) .... Rude prick isn't he? (Scott Balson)

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