In this extraordinary press release by Beattie's large media support group at the Premier's Office Beattie targets Scott Balson for revealing the truth about Shreddergate:

Premier & Trade
The Hon. Peter Beattie MP
12 August 2004

Why Does Bronwyn Bishop Rely On Scott Balson?

Premier Peter Beattie is asking why Federal Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop is relying on former One Nation webmaster Scott Balson for the full chronology of the Heiner Affair in her report published by the House of Representatives.

"Her report on the Heiner Affair is a party political attack delivered by a committee of six Liberals and which directs readers to Mr Balson's website for the full chronology," said Mr Beattie.

"Her report spends only four pages on an 'overview of events'. It says that a full chronology is available elsewhere and directs readers to"*

In Mr Balson says he has been targeted by the State Government for hosting this site since 1996.

In a section of this website which contains an article on Mr Balson's book "Inside One Nation", Mr Balson says he held a 'key position' with One Nation. This section also says: "He has unravelled the Liberal Party links with One Nation."

Contact: Steve Bishop 3224 4500

August 12, 2004.

*You will note that the Beattie government who seem to know so much about me cannot even get the web site address right.... (I have made sure that the link works - the devil is in the detail (ie "/gmb/" should read "/gwb/".

I can confirm that they know that they got this web site address wrong because when I asked Steve Bishop about this he told me so on the phone (3.45pm on 13th August 2004). Bishop also confirmed that he used to work for News Limited.... surprise, surprise. This is where the boundaries between media and journalism are crossed and democracy becomes a four letter word.

Beattie has a massive media office which is used to keep his stuff-ups out of the papers - the Queensland tax payer pays for this privelege.  

Balson's response:

Why do Queenslanders put their faith in Peter Beattie?

In a press release by the Premier's Office yesterday Peter Beattie asked why Bronwyn Bishop relied on my web page at:

In her report on the shredding of the Heiner document by order of the Goss Cabinet.


Scott Balson is now asking the question why Queenslanders should put their faith in Peter Beattie and his Labor colleagues.

He asks the question because of his own personal experiences as a victim of political interference in the law under Beattie.

In 1999 Balson was arrested and imprisoned by police on a summary charge - involving the allegation that he named Labor MP Bill D'Arcy as a man facing child sex charges on the Internet before D'Arcy was committed for trial.

The extraordinary circumstances surrounding his arrest only became apparent after Balson gained access to police documents under FOI following his lodging a complaint of malicious prosecution over the arrest. He was earlier found not guilty of any offence nine months after being arrested.

The documents reveal that

Scott Balson asks the question about Beattie because his government has clearly planted its stooges in key positions in judicial bodies like the DPP, CMC and the Office of Crown Law.

In response to Beattie's question Balson challenges him to find any fault with the contents of the document which were gathered from the public arena and challenges him to appoint an independent prosecutor into the shredding. As Professor Field from Bond University is on the record of saying "It's one thing to stand there with no clothes on, but it's another to paint yourself pink."

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