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December 1995

On June 14, 1995, the United States Senate approved by a vote of 84-16 an amendment to the Senate's omnibus telecommunications-deregulation bill that raises grave Constitutional questions and poses great risks for the future of freedom of speech on the nation's computer-communications forums. This group are taking the fight to retain freedom of speech on the Net head on.

November 1995


27 December 1995, after 53 days of alone walk, after about 1400 km - MAREK KAMINSKI ARRIVED AT THE SOUTH POLE. That fulfiled the aim of his expeditions: TWO POLES IN ONE YEAR on foot and unsupported. First with WOJTEK MOSKAL they reached the North Pole on 23 May 1995 (in 72 days starting from Eureka Meteorological Station, Northern Canada). Not even five month passed since come back from North Pole when Kaminski left for next expedition. All necessary equipment including food, fuel, tent and a Global Positioning System (GPS) he pulled on a special 120-kilogram sled. After return from the Pole Marek said about the journey: "From everything that is inside of me, I thought only about my way, that is still ahead. My friends, relatives who helped me - I didn't want to disappoint them. This is very important. But the main thing is - just to go!". Among many other awards Marek was nominated A Man of the Year 1995 by "Zycie Warszawy" (well known Polish newspaper) and a Honour Member of Polar Research Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences (together with Wojtek Moskal).

World Peace Day

November 17th 1995: On November 17 meditate, pray, and/or think about World Peace all day. Special times that are being emphasized are 8:00pm EST (US) Time zone 7, 8:00pm in (US) Time zone 15, and 8:00pm in (US) Time zone 23. At these times there will be a 1 minute meditation for World Peace. Print out their petition and return it before the 17th November - be active on this important issue.

October 1995 - Father Christmas

Santa's Workshop guarantees to respond by email to your letter. (But get it in before the 15th November.. he gets real busy after that!) This site also includes the background to the real Christmas story, traditions and Christmas links.

September 1995 - The Gorbachev Foundation

The Gorbachev Foundation/USA is a non-profit, non-partisan educational foundation created in 1992, to articulate and address the challenges of the post Cold War world through the revisioning of global priorities. They strive to both clarify the fundamental crises facing the human community, and creatively address those crises through the convening of the world's most innovative thinkers in the consensus building processes. Check out the Round Table Forums and be a m a z e d...
This is the response that we got when making contact!!!

August 1995 - Wil's AFL page

With this new age of pay TV and the fun that the media barons are having with our sport it makes you spit when you see *what this fellow has been put through. We are not here to draw any conclusions but I think that when you visit Wil's AFL Scandal page you will know why WE consider him to be representative of the young battler in the street. Go and visit Australian Rules Football 1995 it's a great site.. and well done Wil, even if a greater power (money maybe??) has censored your excellent contribution to the Internet. I tell you what mate it makes me spew....
(Please let me know at if you have to remove this page Wil, after all we have to keep this Web current....

*Taken on Friday 18th August through Wil's own spy camera.. caught you mate.

August 1995 - The Lasiewicz Foundation

The Lasiewicz Foundation a US based non-profit organisation represent a small glow of human kindness in the chilling war in Bosnia that is being played out by politicians. While the UN (a political vehicle of the "super powers") watch and make clucking noises when the heat is put on them this foundation is actively bringing a positive impact into the shattered lives of the communities effected by "ethnic cleansing" and other war related tragedies in Bosnia. There is a briefing section on Bosnia related issues.

We received this letter from Nalini on the 14th August 1995. If you can help the foundation please DO contact her:

Scott Balson, Global Web Builders:

Thank you so much for your kind recognition of our Convoy Bosnia project and briefing page.

The war in Bosnia has gripped me totally, since I first opened myself up to the real depth of horror of the Chetnik Serb genocide against the Bosnian Muslims.

I've long felt this issue to be a war between good and evil, but with the recognition that dark and light forces are within us all. This issue has returned me to the peace movement, but with a more ferocious compassion.

I remember meeting the Australian peace activists of the early 80's, who sailed the Pacific Peacemaker boat around the Pacific islands and the west coast of the U.S. Those excellent activists had a powerful message and were an inspiration to me. It is a real pleasure to be in touch with Australia again!

Love and peace,
Nalini Lasiewicz
The Lasiewicz Foundation
Providing Opportunities for People Who Care
PO Box 27725
Los Angeles, CA 90027
tel: 213/668-1811
fax: 213/668-1033

July 1995 - The Rainbow warrior crew

Greenpeace is represented all over the world by thousands of people like you and me. The Rainbow Warrior crew have brought the attention of the world community to the outrage that France, represented by a minority of the community there and powerful self-seeking politicians, is performing at Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific.

Claiming territorial rights and the freedom to endanger peoples in the vicinity while they watch from afar is akin to plundering the bounty of a pyramid, New Zealanders painting the Eiffel tower bright pink or taking the lifestyle of the Polynese hostage.
Good on ya Greenpeace and the crew of the Rainbow Warrior.

June 1995 - Francois Pienaar

On the 24th June 1995 - Francois Pienaar led his rugby union team to victory in the world cup finals held in Johannesburg, South Africa. His team, the Springboks, defeated the dreaded All Blacks 15 to 12 in extra time in front of a crowd of over 60,000 at Loftus Versfeld and in front of a live television audience of hundreds of millions.

So what makes Francois a hero?:

More heroes will unfold in the Events section in years to come.

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