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Community focus:

In this section we visit the rich diversity of communities that is Australia and discover what makes them "tick". We visit major community based projects like Vicnet. We get to know the Aussie spirit from the kids to the seniors. Finally if you know someone's name and the state in which they live you can now use Telstra's (Australian Telecom) on-line White Pages! The biggest search database on the Internet today with over 8,000,000 entries!

If you are living overseas here is a non-Australian located site dedicated to you... Australians Abroad has some great links to the Australian scene!

A detailed list of the sages of the global stage - Australian Universities can be found under Master Webs.

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The Kids Locker Room

The guide by the side - schools, school project webs and education - over 200 sites.

Virtual communities (Australian cities and regions with vision).

The "ockers" - Aussie community Groups.

The Aussie touch (Art, Theatre and Music) - over 100 webs listed.

Understanding the layers of Australian Government.

The politics of Australian cities, states, parties and federal government.

The heart of OZ - our social support services - over 20 sites.

Australian Community Groups and Families - over 90 sites listed.

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