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Bruce Whiteside was the man who started the remarkable Pauline Hanson Support Movement in 1996. The movement was used by Hanson to establish One Nation in April 1997.

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'a fair go' Howard, an 'honest Johnny' Howard -  1st November 2000
Whiteside says "goodbye" to Ms Hanson - 6th October 2000
A Champion Must Be Found - 20th September 2000
The re-registration of Pauline Hanson's One Nation - 2nd September 2000
Gimme, gimme …Save Our Pauline - 12th April 2000
The Stolen 'Generation'. - 6th April 2000
Go to hell, Pauline Hanson! - 1st April 2000
Pauline's bankruptcy dilemma - 26th March 2000
The coming or going of Pauline Hanson - 20th March 2000
John Howard: What do you know about One Nation? - 15th March 2000
Requiem to a Fallen Angel - 13th March 2000
One Nation's de-registration - 10th March 2000
For Whom Do The Defamation Laws …Toll? - 25th Fenruary 2000

Bruce Whiteside's unpublished book

Destiny aborted

Other Whiteside documents:

The Pauline Hanson Support Movement
Launch speech for the Pauline Hanson Support Movement - October 1996
Speech to the new Ipswich branch of Pauline Hanson's Support Movement - February 1997
Whiteside's resignation letter to the Pauline Hanson Support Movement
- April 1997

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