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12th April 2000

It's like a scenario from a prisoner awaiting a lethal injection on death row, only in Hanson's case it is her political death. She is now fighting, not for her people, but for her own skin. A final appeal for clemency. The High Court does not work that way Pauline …even for you. The truth is that Pauline Hanson has lost all credibility. To be candid, who in the hell cares about what happens to this ex fish shop proprietor who thought that she was God's gift to the Australian electors. Certainly, I no longer care and in fact the sooner she is thrown on the scrap heap of political oblivion, the better.

The sheer presumption of the woman, who harbours the notion that it is so important for her to be elected to the Senate, defies the simple law of common-sense. But then common-sense was never a strong Hanson trait. What has she got to offer …more deception, more stupidity, and more misplaced loyalties?

Yes I was a great supporter of Pauline Hanson, but what was once respect and admiration, has turned to pity and anger. John Pasquarelli another great supporter advised her to run for the Senate, but she chose to listen to David Oldfield who told her to run for the non-winnable seat of Blair. A besotted Pauline who never liked Pasquarelli ignored him. So what has changed …why has the Senate become attractive after bold comments that the real business was done in the House of Reps and Hanson never took the easy option. Is Hanson also conning the people?

Scott Balson in today's News of the Day, says that only David Ettridge is the winner and that the whole exercise was one of sadness.

It was an exercise in gross madness. The real sadness that Scott Balson alludes to is that David Ettridge suckered the lot in. The need for greed, exhibited by so many from One Nation ignored what I was saying and preferred to brand me a 'white-ant' and a bearer of 'sour grapes'. Paul Trewartha, who was no less culpable than Ettridge and Oldfield along with eighteen others were witness to my bawling Ettridge out and branding him a con-man, that took the rest nearly four years to wake up to. Yet even my public rejection of these men went unheard. Nobody was listening, nor are they now.

Balson says that Ettridge is a winner …is he? Will the law finally pick Ettridge up …I believe so. You see in spite of two court cases, I have never been called on. The police in spite of their so-called on-going investigations have never approached me. I believe that I have the capacity to send both Hanson and Ettridge to gaol, but the fear is a political one. There are bigger players that are too close to government to risk that possibility. As a result Hanson will be made the fall guy, the patsy, the scapegoat. Where were her advisers and directors when she signed her guarantee. What were THEY doing to allow her to make such a decision. If she did not understand the meaning of 'xenophobe', then she obviously did not understand guarantor either.

Ettridge suckered Balson in as well.

My introduction to Scott Balson was an accident. John Pasquarelli informed me that some of my material had appeared on his website. This angered me as nobody sought my permission to use it. The material had been given to a One Nation executive by the new owner of the New Australian. In turn it had found it's way onto the Internet.

I rang Balson and asked for a please explain. He was affable enough and he expressed a genuine desire to meet with me. Like so many in One Nation he was a receptive mind to what Ettridge had said and written about me. Unlike the unquestioning lemmings, Balson had an open mind. We met over coffee in Brisbane and he was genuinely astounded at what I had to say. The article One Nation …Receptacle of Deceit, had a powerful effect on how he then went on to view One Nation. It was after this that he wrote the article that took David Oldfield to task.

But Balson's rejection by Pauline Hanson, was sheer folly. She simply rubber-stamped Ettridge's sick assessment of Balson's undermining of Oldfield. Emotion, not pragmatism fuelled her decision to concur with the rat who deserted the sinking ship. When I recall the sycophantic overtures to Hanson's cause by Ettridge and Oldfield, I am angered by the depravity of their plotting to 'suck her dry', and never an action from the lost besotted legions.

Paid or not, Balson's contribution to the Hanson cause was magnificent. Anybody with an ounce of decency or natural grace would have been indebted to the man who put together a chronological account of the rise and now ungraceful fall of One Nation. But not Hanson. Her unfailing capacity to kick in the teeth her loyalist helpers was a benchmark of her arrogant reign.

Last night I visited through links on News of the Day, the One Nation website. It was sickening, absolutely sickening. It reminded me of the German city of Dresden after the British had finished bombing it …a shell, with nothing left. From within the ruins comes this blatant call to bail out Pauline Hanson. Help I WANT MONEY. I was good to you, now I don't want to go bankrupt for I will never be able to go to parliament to look after you. Pauline, you think only of yourself. All you are interested in is saving your own skin …you are contemptuously transparently clear.

Perhaps you might just stop and think for a moment of all the people you hurt, the people you scorned, the people you accepted money from and ask yourself, don't they deserve to know where ALL the other money went. Don't they deserve to know why you stuck to the rats who have deserted you, whilst you gave them your blessing at the people's expense.

Nobody wants you anymore. You had the world at your feet, you had the people in the palm of your hands and you damn well squandered the lot. You were the catalyst, the icon and with that went tremendous responsibility. You took it on own to bed with rats and in doing so relinquished any respect we ever had for you.

You have nobody to blame but yourself. You are the victim of your own stupidly and the galling fact is that you will live with this for the rest of your life. The fact that people like Pasquarelli, Balson and particularly myself were right will make even that prospect indigestible.

I will remind you of what you told Barbara Hazelton and myself in our lounge way back in November 1996. "If any body is going to destroy what I started it will be me.' Well you have so why don't you quit while you are so far behind.

You're history Pauline and you've done it all yourself.

In writing this I fully acknowledge Pauline's plight. It IS sad. It should never have happened. Even with the intent by Ettridge and Oldfield to use Hanson for their own ends, the matter of the return of the Electoral Funding, that now compromises Hanson was one of gross negligence and incompetence by the Electoral Commissioner and the Judge who released those funds for payment. If Hanson's head must roll, then do the job properly; let them all face the executioner. I say once again: let us have a commission of Inquiry and let the cards fall where they will. Fully exposed this saga of which Hanson is not the key player I say again, has the capacity to bring down the Howard Government. But my plea as it did before will fall on deaf ears and closed mines, Amen!

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