Summary of the book

This book is a natural progression from the author's earlier expose on the media barons and mainstream political parties in Australia. "Murder by Media, Death of Democracy in Australia", launched in January 1999. It can be ordered on-line.

The Queensland Independent paper, published by the University of Queensland's Department of Journalism says, "He has done this brilliantly. The level of research that has gone into producing this book ("Murder by Media") is what makes it. Far from just crying wolf, Scott Balson has gone through the village with photographs. His views are supported, his assertions are researched, and so his attacks are grounded."

Unlike "Murder by Media" this book is a layman's guide to seventeen key issues facing all Australians today and in the future. These issues are centered around the concerted push by the major political parties and the media for Australia to embrace "globalisation", which we are told is "unstoppable".

For our children's sake let us hope that they are wrong.

The book also looks at political correctness in all its ugly forms and the unsavoury impact that this new age bureaucracy is having on the Australian society.

It is now up to all thinking and informed Australians to play a role in bringing Australia back from the brink.

These are the issues covered in the 144 page book:

The one great truth in this book is that the major parties can no longer be trusted to do what is right for the people of Australia. It will take a concerted effort by minor political parties like Pauline Hanson's One Nation, Australia First and Independents working together with a single-minded common goal.

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