Hanson, "petrol deregulation will enrich big business and destroy small business".

"I have grave reservations regarding the government's plans to deregulate the petrol industry on July 30th. It is my belief petrol prices will rise after deregulation for reasons including the following:

1. The government has removed the wholesale price cap on petrol.

If prices are supposed to fall, why has the government removed the maximum wholesale petrol price?

2. The present freight rate schedules used by the industry in Queensland were set by the Prices Surveillance Authority years ago.

As soon as deregulation occurs, freight charges on petrol deliveries will increase, not decrease.

3. Currently, Oil Companies are prevented from operating more than 5% of the total sites they own. Abolition of this restriction will result in the closure of thousands of small business petrol stations and the loss of thousands of jobs - many from country areas.

The elimination of thousands of small petrol station operators will reduce competition, not increase it, and will result in price rises. Many people in the country will then have to drive further to get petrol when their local garage closes.

If the government was fair dinkum about lowering the price of petrol, they would keep the wholesale price cap, reduce Fuel Excise on petrol, and exempt petrol from the G.S.T. - that is what Pauline Hanson's One Nation would have done. "

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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