"Liberals and Nationals lump law abiding firearm owners in with paedophiles".

"Liberal/National policy details have revealed all licensed firearm owners in the country will be stored on the database "CrimTrac" alongside paedophiles and other criminals.

Creating a list of firearm owners is a serious invasion of privacy, but to list firearm owners alongside paedophiles and other criminals on this National Criminal Tracking System, is an inexcusable disgrace.

Law abiding firearm owners, many of whom are farmers, have not only been let down by Liberals and Nationals through unjust firearms legislation but now this policy treats them as criminals.

One of my staff contacted the office of Minister Alex Somlyay to query the policy only to be told, "on balance, firearm owners were more likely to be involved in crime than not".

This outrageous statement from the office of a Liberal Minister trying to defend the "CrimTrac" clearly puts the Liberal/National view that firearm owners are either already criminals, or more likely to commit crimes than not commit crimes.

I challenge all Liberal and National party candidates and sitting members to explain to their electorates why they view firearm owners in the same light as paedophiles and other criminals and to produce the evidence that upholds the ridiculous notion that firearm owners are more likely to commit crimes.

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Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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