Hanson, "RFA’s will restore the balance to forest management "

18th September 1998

"Australia depends on its forests and plantations to provide timber for the building and construction industry. Thousands of Australians also depend on the timber industry for their livelihoods. Forest areas in Australia have always been managed scientifically to maximise yields as well as conserving forest resources.

Before the Regional Forest Agreements, resource supply was uncertain, depending mainly on the policies of the government of the day. In recent years, logging has become far too emotional and political, with governments abandoning a scientific and rational approach and instead caving in to environmental extremists.

This has done enormous damage to our native hardwood industries and the many small communities that depend on the timber industry for their prosperity. The balance must be restored, forest management must be founded on scientific principles, and the regional forestry agreements, although far from perfect, are at least a good start.

The timber industry should at last have secure access to timber resource for the life of the agreement. This will allow businesses to plan with certainty, and will throw a life-line to the many tiny timber towns dotted around Australia. It will also meet the conservation needs of the community, without sacrificing jobs in regional Australia."

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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