18th September 1998

Pauline Hanson’s ONE Nation believes that safe, secure and happy societies require as a guiding principle, strong functional family units. ONE Nation considers governments should recognise this basic principle and adopt responses that are aimed at long term family stability.

The following principles will be adopted by ONE Nation to rectify unjust applications from the Family Law Court and Child Support Agency.

1. A formula that recognises the new cost of maintaining two households.

2. A pre– determined formula for non-custodial parents that in which additional incomes for overtime or a second job do not cause maintenance payments to increase.

3 Recognition that a child’s standard of living following divorce cannot be maintained at it’s pre-divorce level.

4. A formula based on after tax income not before tax income.

5. New families and their needs to be recognised in maintenance schedules.

 Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley and Heather Hill

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