Hanson, "I will resign".

"I have always maintained that ATSIC is not carrying out its responsibilities adequately, should be abolished, and assistance given to Aboriginal Australians through the same means as other Australians - these views are supported by many Aboriginal Australians.

As we should not have race based policies, we should not have race based administration. This does not mean the many seriously disadvantaged Aboriginal Australians would suffer a reduction in assistance, simply that the assistance will be on the basis of them being Australians in genuine need, not on the basis of race.

I believe ATSIC has much to answer and that they are failing to address the needs of Aboriginal Australians. This is a view I have gained through advice from, consultation with, and documentation supplied by, Aboriginal people including some formerly involved with ATSIC.

Amelia Campbell, grand-daughter of David Unaipon and one of the women responsible for exposing the lies of the secret womens' business has described ATSIC as an, 'Aboriginal Mafia', because she claims unless you have a relative working for ATSIC, they will not help you.

This allegation combined with many others, at the very least points to serious corruption through nepotism and cronyism. Aside from this, my office continues to compile material that questions the ability of ATSIC and related organisations to justify how they spend taxpayers' funds.

I believe Aboriginal Australians are not receiving in any meaningful way the billions in taxpayers' funds allocated to help them and this appalling situation must not be allowed to be continually covered up by the cry of racist every time someone asks questions.

The Dodson Cable Beach affair and the more than 200 complaints against Aboriginal Land Council members relating to corruption and bribery, recently reported by the Daily and Sunday Telegraph must be fully investigated. I believe there must be a Royal Commission into ATSIC and its related organisations and I challenge the government to sort out this mess once and for all.

If such investigations find these organisations free of corruption or misappropriation of funds, I will resign from Parliament."

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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