One Nation to form independently audited trust to administer Electoral funds

14th October 1998

Solicitors acting for One Nation have been instructed to set up an independently audited trust to receive One Nation's Federal Election funding.

The Australian Electoral Commission's Director of Funding and Disclosures has already been advised of the setting up of the trust and will be provided with further details as appropriate.

It was decided the trust would be set up once and for all to dismiss the dreadfully dishonest and defamatory claims made by our politically motivated opponents.

This trust is expected to make One Nation's electoral funding the most independently accountable of all political parties and we challenge the other parties to follow our example and also set up independently audited trusts.

The tens of millions of dollars paid to political parties following Federal Elections, as far as the public is concerned, appears largely unaccountable.

Liberal Party representatives in particular have made considerable mileage with their dishonest attacks on One Nation's intentions with relation to electoral funding when the fact is few members of the Liberal Party are familiar with their own organisation's accounting and certainly the public at large was not even aware such funding existed until it was made an issue with regards to One Nation.

The challenge is now there. How open, public and accountable will the Liberal Party and others become in relation to the tens of millions of taxpayers dollars they have received? Will the Liberal Party and the others set up an independently audited trust to receive and administer their electoral funding?

The message is clear, "PUT UP OR SHUT UP".

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson's One Nation

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