Fighting Fund established to defend attack on Heather Hill's Senate position

12th December 1998

Queensland One Nation Senator Elect Heather Hill has announced a fighting fund to fight "every step of the way" a High Court challenge by Sydney-based businessman, Mr Chuck Hong and his army of solicitors and barristers.

This is a David and Goliath battle - "big business interests, big money interests, and a bevy of expensive legal elite against Heather Hill, the people's representative", said Mrs Hill, when announcing her decision to fight this Sydney money baron.

"This is a battle for democracy pure and simple," Mrs Hill declared.

"My duty is to ensure that the right of Queensland people to representation of their choosing stands greater than Sydney businessman, Mr Chuck Hong's intent on waging a vexatious and malicious campaign against me personally." One Nation is in NO danger of losing its Senate seat. This is an attack on Heather Hill. It is noted that although Mr Hong and his Sydney based group are providing the money for the challenge he is not, nor is he eligible to be the petitioner in the challenge.

This case will involve significant financial and personal costs, and for this reason a fighting fund has been set up to take on Mr Chick Hong's attack on Queenslander's democracy. It is the same man who after the Queensland state elections funded a public campaign advertising in Queensland newspapers for "Asian Australians to boycott Queensland business, educational and tourism opportunities".

"Already some Australians have pledged financial support," Mrs Hill said. "On the facts available to me, I have a good chance of winning in the High Court. This fighting fund is my only answer."

Mr Hong still has to learn about the Australian way. Throughout our history we have called our opponents bluff and fought hard in seemingly unwinnable circumstances to gain victory. I intend to continue this tradition to the High Court to defend my position and the rights of Queenslanders to choose their own representatives. I ask all Australians who agree that Queensland's democracy is being threatened by this Sydney based businessman, to assist me in defending my court challenge by donating to the "Heather Hill Fighting Fund".

It is anticipated this challenge will cost between Au$50,000 to Au$100,000. This amount depends on the extent to which proceedings in the High Court are extended.

"I am deeply hurt that my loyalty to Australia has been challenged," Mrs Hill concluded.

If you are able to assist Heather Hill please send your payment to:

Heather Hill Fighting Fund, P.O. Box 44, Mt Crosby, QLD 4306

Email for on-line enquiries.

Statement issued by Senator-elect Heather Hill

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