Hanson Calls for Wool Industry Revamp

3rd August 1998

Pauline Hanson today called on the Federal Government to take some decisive action to address the problems face by the beleaguered Wool industry.

"Woolgrowers are in a desperate position", said Ms Hanson. "They are contributing to the running costs of an industry bureaucracy which is not representative of those funding it, and they are being forced to the brink of bankruptcy by the inept management decisions of these bodies, and Government generally." The marketing strategy for Australian wool is of concern and is contributing to the growers' plight.

Compounding the problems faced by woolgrowers, is the fact that the sell-off of stockpile wool is forcing price levels down. Ms Hanson predicted that with the Australian flock in decline, and production levels well below sales volumes, it was extremely likely that there would be a shortage of wool within about 2 years.

To halt the panic selling of the stockpile would result in an immediate improvement in prices. The holding costs could easily be met by a small levy which would be a sound investment, as the value of the stockpiled wool would also increase over the period.

Ms Hanson called on the Federal Government to:

  1. Call an immediate halt to the sell - down of the wool stockpile.
  2. Return control and management of the industry to the woolgrowers via a democratically elected peak industry body of producers.
  3. Review the marketing strategy for Australian wool.
  4. Investigate options for government purchase of a percentage of the stockpile eg. for use by manufacturers to produce items for distribution for foreign aid rather than providing cash.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley

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