Hanson, Liberal and Labor lie about preferences

1st October 1998

Liberal and Labor are both lying about the direction of One nation preferences.

Right across Australia, our how-to-vote cards are double sided and display how to send your preferences either to Labor, before Liberal or Liberal before Labor.

We believe the people should decide their preferences and we have gone to considerable lengths to make it obvious we want Australians to make their own decision.

Considering Liberal and Labor are acting together by both putting One Nation last, it is a bit rich that either of them would have the hide to even question what we are doing, let alone lie about our how to votes.

The Liberals claim we are favouring Labor, and Labor claims we are favouring Liberal. The fact bothe the Liberals and Labor are claiming to be disadvantaged is proof we are actually not favouring either.

Statement issued by Pauline Hanson MP, member for Oxley.

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