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16th April 1999 - Statement by Scott Balson in reply to claims made by The Courier-Mail

The Murdoch media are known for going after individuals who dare to expose their unethical behaviour. The more they are exposed the more paranoid they get scuttling around trying to discredit those who question the value of their role in our society.

This page is dedicated to exposing the unwarranted vilification of myself by the Murdoch press and giving the reasons for their unconscionable actions.

The Courier-Mail editorial:

On the 15th April 1999 The Courier-Mail carried an editorial headed: Open season declared on the Net:

The Owen case is not the first instance of a disturbing misuse of the Net to come to light in Queensland. One Nation's self-styled Webmaster Scott Balson has taken to using this wondrous new medium to disseminate material which is blatantly anti-Semitic. In any other forum, his unsubstantiated and outrageous charges of Zionist conspiracies would have placed him at risk of prosecution, yet to date the authorities appear to be at a loss as to how to deal with such deeply offensive material when it appears on the Internet.

Let us start by having a cursory look at the nature of the Internet....

Newsgroups and the Net:

All of the newsgroups listed below are available right now on Oz-Email - Australia's largest Internet Service Provider. These unmoderated newsgroups, totalling over 20,000, are available to anybody subscribing to Oz-Email. People can and do post what they like - which is then distributed by Oz-Email is an integral part of their Internet service:

Oz-Email is also associated with some media heavyweights like Kerry Packer and Malcolm Turnbull. The service's newsgroups have never been questioned by the Murdoch press even though the most vile and revolting posts are carried and updated there every day.

Please explain.

The loony left and the politically correct:


We have the infamous Labor party backed politically correct Left Link. I have personally pointed out the activities of Left Link to the mogul-compliant reporters at the Courier-Mail time and again - yet this is taboo territory - the Labor party are involved.

One of Left-Link's main links is to a large number of unmoderated gay and lesbian discussion forums. These include "Lesbigay, Digital Queers... etc"

I have never bothered to register to any of these boards but the graphic descriptions leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to the content therein.

Now it is important to consider in the light of the emotional rhetoric espoused by The Courier-Mail the accessibility of these boards to everybody and anybody linked to the net. Yet this has never been questioned - no organisations named, no ISP's blasted.

My defence:

This brings me to the reasons why The Courier-Mail have decided to try to single out and vilify me - personally. I will also answer their allegations by carrying links to the so-called anti-Semitic material referred to so that you can make up your own mind.

But first we need to look at the background behind the interest of Murdoch's puppets in denigrating my activities on the Net. Their interest is two fold.

The allegedly anti-Semitic material:

The assault by the Australia/Israel Review:

Following the launch of the book in January the Australia/Israel Review published an article by Jeremy Jones, "Always Conspiracy", quoting largely from the book "Murder by Media" and  falsely alleging that I was anti-Semitic. Jones' was responding to some hard hitting comments  in "Murder by Media" about the Australia/Israel Review (these included outlining the Nazi-like publishing of 2000 One Nation members names and suburbs and the lack of interest in the Murdoch press in this event).

Image right: The radical Zionist, Jeremy Jones

The assault by the Courier-Mail:

Then weeks later the Courier-Mail interviewed Jones extensively in another article featuring a large burning cross which proclaimed that my @notd carried anti-Semitic material in an article headed "Web of hate". Following intervention by the Australian Press Council The Courier-Mail were forced to publish my right of reply. Without the direct intervention of the Australian Press Council this right of reply discrediting Jones' comments would not have been aired in the paper. 

The allegedly anti-Semitic material carried by me:

The "jew boy" comment:

Shortly thereafter another article quoted a third party post on one of my pages where a correspondent had used the word "jew boy". This was enough to get my picture on the front page of The Courier-Mail in an article inaccurately headlined, "Web of racism traps One Nation".

This article is currently being investigated by the Australian Press Council (quite clearly www.gwb.com.au has nothing to do with the One Nation pages at: www.onenation.com.au).

In a world where balance in reporting is supposed to be the hallmark of a free press consider again the unreported posts in these on-line Oz-Email newsgroups: alt.sex.beerbottle; alt.sex.beastiality; alt.sex.beastiality.pictures; alt.sex.fetish.diapers; alt.humor.jewish.anti-goy (anti-gentile).

B'nai B'rith Anti Defamation League (ADL):

Over the months I have been happy to expose the inner workings of the ADL.

The greatest irony is that ADL claim to be against hatred and racism yet they perpetuate it. For example, B'nai B'rith were behind the infamous "Racewatch" campaign.. a spectacular failure. They are, in truth, a shadowy organisation which does no credit to the richness and value of the important role of the overwhelming majority of Jews in our community.

Earlier the ADL has been described by US Senator Jack B Tenney as:

"The largest and most efficient private gestapo in the world today and, without doubt, the largest of its kind in the history of the world. And... amazing as it may be - this vast interlocking system of departments, sections and divisions is devoted to but one issue - and only one issue despite propaganda to the contrary - political conquest in the name of Racism."

(Jack Tenney (1898 - 1970) was in a unique position to make evaluation on the ADL as Chairman of the Joint Fact-Finding Commission on un-American Activities in the state of California.)  

I linked to some quick facts about the ADL which include the remarkable revelation that, "In 1949 US Congressman Rankin introduced a Bill in the House of Representatives to declare the ADL subversive and declare it to be unlawful for any individual to be a member of ADL."

In fact the ADL is an organisation which pushes racism and division for its own political agenda - as Tenney points out. The extracts below are from an on-line B'nai B'rith press release on the "Palestinian problem" in Israel.

Zionism underwrites the ADL philosophy - the UN earlier passed a resolution equating Zionism with Racism.

B'nai B'rith and the Palestinians:

Washington, D.C. (July 7, 1998) - Declaring it "a sad day for those who believe in the peace process, the Oslo Accords and the United Nations," Tommy P. Baer, international president of B'nai B'rith has criticized the U.N. General Assembly for violating its own charter in allowing the Palestinians to upgrade their status to "near state."

"The General Assembly vote today giving the Palestinians upgraded status at the United Nations violates not just the Oslo Accords but the U.N.'s own charter," said Baer. "The category of near state doesn't exist. This action sets a dangerous precedent."

B'nai B'rith - the only Jewish organization with full-time representation at the United Nations and European Union - has accused the PLO of violating the Oslo Accords and attempting to prejudge the outcome of the peace talks by seeking to upgrade its status.

Baer had harsh words for the 124 members who voted for the resolution - particularly those members of the European Union who seek a greater role in the peace process. Only the United States, Israel, Marshall Islands and Micronesia voted against the resolution.

(ie Australia voted with the majority wanting to allow the Palestinians to enjoy "near state" recognition - but the Israeli's backed by B'nai B'rith want to keep these people  (this race group) as some sort of sub-race of people ruled over by the Jews.)

While claiming to be anti-hate and having the primary aim of exposing racism ADL is an extremist international Zionist organisation. The Palestinians and Arabs are fair game as you can see above and by exploring the link below.


"We were told that the General Assembly's knee-jerk anti-Israel majority -- put together by the hostile Soviet and Arab blocs in the 1970s -- had gone out of business in 1991,
when the U.N. repealed its bigoted `Zionism-is-racism' resolution and welcomed the start of the current Arab-Israeli peace process at the Madrid talks," Baer said. "But yesterday's condemnation of Israel for allegedly violating the 4th Geneva Convention by building on Har Homa in southeastern Jerusalem is an outrageous throw-back."

B'nai B'rith (Australia) accuse the Australian Press Council and various ethnic groups in Australia of being anti-Semitic:
Regarding cases of alleged racism, especially in the ethnic press, the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (BBADC) believes the APC has failed to adequately address this issue.

The APC's approach indicates a lack of understanding and sensitivity to the issues thrown-up by attacks of a racist nature. A quite different approach is necessary in order for the APC to effectively handle complaints about racist articles and reports.

B'nai B'rith call Coca-Cola and Pepsi anti-Semitic:
Whether it was proveable in the eyes of U.S. law or not, many people in the United States believed Pepsi was going along with the boycott. Those lucrative Arab markets did not come without a price, and Pepsi paid it in loss of goodwill in the U.S.A. A significant number of American cola drinkers grew up suspecting Pepsi of being anti-Israel and so avoided the product. By contrast, Coca-Cola appeared heroic.

B'nai B'rith condemns the UN Human Rights Commission:
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned a United Nations human rights committee which declared that Israel's "excessive emphasis" on being a "Jewish state encourages discrimination and accords a second class status to its non-Jewish citizens," saying the committee’s assertion "smacks of anti-Jewish prejudice."

Vatican call B'nai B'rith anti-Catholic:

The Rev. David Yager shocked a conference on anti-Semitism by saying that Israel's anti-Catholic attitude - not the Catholic Church's anti-Israel attitude - was preventing relations from warming as Israel prepares to greet millions of Catholic pilgrims in the millennium.....

Rabbi David Rosen, an ADL representative to the Israel-Holy See committee, said that after 2,000 years of church-sanctioned anti-Semitism, it would take time for Jews to regain trust in the Vatican.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls B'nai B'rith anti-Semitic:
Everybody, everyone is anti semitic.

Really? On the contrary. The anti-semites is the one who isolates us in the world, digs a new chasm between us and the Arab world, pushes us toward a new useless war on three fronts, and puts an end to the great hopes that Yitzhak Rabin awoke.

Binyamin Netanyahu

Now you tell me who is left who is NOT anti-Semitic - seems like we are all tarred with the same B'nai B'rith brush...

Do your own research on the real B'nai B'rith by sifting through hundreds of their press releases here.

What about Israel's record B'nai B'rith?

Then just yesterday I posted the following information about the Australian ADL on-line web site:

One of their links is to the Australian Jewish Democratic Society which carries this remarkable admission of "ethnic cleansing" in Israel.

On their public forum: (Remember it was on just such a forum of mine that The Courier-Mail based their front page article singling me out under the headline, "Web of racism traps One Nation")

In the early days of the State, there were those who believed that for Israel to be a Jewish state, it was necessary to remove the Arab inhabitants. For Jerusalem to be Jewish, it would appear that similar minded people are pursuing a similar policy. This causes me great concern.

In a very powerful article by Naomi Chazan entitled "Stop the Oppression", which unfortunately I am unable to find in my archives, she detailed the gross violations of human rights being perpetrated by the government and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, to rid Jerusalem of its Palestinian population by destruction of their homes to be replaced by Jewish homes, or by repressive laws to take away their freedom of movement such that if they left the environs of the city they were prevented from returning and their residents' permits were destroyed.

This " cleansing " of Jerusalem is also being pursued by such people as Irving Moscowicz, the American bingo king, who is buying up Palestinian properties and installing ultra-orthodox people in what can only be regarded as Arab neighbourhoods.

Finally these well-researched allegations against allegedly "racist" Israel speak for themselves:

Leaving me to ask the question, "What  are "anti-racist" B'nai B'rith are doing about these claims of "ethnic cleansing"  and "racism" in their own backyard?"

More on B'nai B'rith


I have never said anything remotely anti-Semitic. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Jewish community and always have. I have had Jewish business partners and have Jewish friends.

I have absolutely no respect for the wolf in sheep's clothing known as B'nai B'rith Anti Defamation League and feel the same about the Murdoch family because of the subversive role they play in undermining the democratic rights of the mainstream Australian population through their oppressive control of Australia's print media.

The Courier-Mail are trying to intimidate me into stopping my campaign in exposing them and the ADL for what they are. I am constantly reminded that the more they try the closer I must be to alerting Australians about their activities and the more they must be panicking.

Perhaps the words of Terry Lane, Free Speech Committee speaking on ABC's 7.30 Report (9/4/99) sum up my feelings about the vacuous nonsense that The Courier-Mail have peddled about me in their editorial today:

"If you are rich you can say what you like and what's more, you can stop anyone else saying what you don't want heard... it's the triumph of the raw power of money"

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