The top twenty Australian
Private Web Pages

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The top twenty Australian Private Webs have been carefully selected on the basis of their uniqueness and "Australianness". You will find the list as you scroll down. Check out the very very BEST of the best in Australia. For Net Surfers with heaps of time on their hands there is a growing list of major reference sites to over 500 Australian private homepages available - there are some fun sites to be discovered here!

Brendan Jones is top of the pile - but closely followed by a number of excellent private web sites. These sites will be continually revised and compared with new private Webs. ENJOY!

For those who want to see the very best of the best Australian Webs true talent will be revealed!!

Private sites with a five star rating

Brendan Jones' site covers a range of Australian topics including the move towards the Australian Republic, an excellent and comprehensive background to Australian flags and their history as well as BJ's Music archive.

Koala trouble The internationally acclaimed site of the world's and Australia's youngest web builder and Internet businessman, 5 year-old Alex Balson.

Lee Arnould - A fun site - especially the (fantastic) amazing adventures (travels) of Bromwyn Bunny who, amongst other things, gets eaten by a totem pole in Canada! Site also covers diving in Australia.

Private sites with a four star rating

Greg Taylor, has developed a comprehensive web resource for Aussie pilots. The site known as The Aussie Aviator includes the Email addresses of a number of Australian pilots, the OZ scene and related WWW. Site of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (AOPA).

Cameron Simpson, Has a great site on motorcycling in Australia and heaps of links that will keep you engrossed for hours.

"Beyond the Black Stump" A really neat site which covers many different categories including Australiana, Guides, FAQS, Software, Weather, Odds & Ends, etc Over 1500 sites are referenced

Fischer West and the net A great private page with excellent graphics by one of Australia's most talented...

Joe Holloway, has a comprehensive site on skiing in Australia and New Zealand. Care, pity some of this information appears to be quite dated.

K Jones', Makin' Waves Studio has novelty Australian sounds for all occasions.

Daniel Koehne, has a simple but smart site for lovers of scale models.

David's unofficial guide to private web pages on Ozemail. This site has several unique features that make the interaction with the private OzEmail sites both fun and useful. Fast becoming a bit of "cyberspace" Australianna. Well done David!

Matthew Geier, has a beaut site covering Australian railways.

Private sites with a three star rating

Over one hundred, student home pages at RMIT University Computer Science and developers of the excellent VicNet project in Victoria.

Roger Clarke, has a great little piece on the Waltzing Matilda poem and unofficial Australian national anthem. This includes a fascinating piece explaining Australianisms in Waltzing Matilda like: billabong, billy, and jumbuck.

Hugo Schouten CPA, offers valuable on-line advice on accounting, taxation and related issues in Australia.

Bernard Langham - Home, Home on thee Web, a fun site from Perth, Western Australia, based on music.

Karl Geppert. Meet Karl's many friends.

Jason Chong, has a nice personal home page with lots of music links.

Simon Vandore, works as a journalist for Australian Personal Computer his web is filled with valuable (mainly) Aussie based media links.

List of major reference sites to Australian private home pages:

About two hundred, student home pages at the University of Queensland.
Over one hundred listed student home pages at RMIT University Computer Science department.
Darren Tracey at Global Info-Links
A range of home pages at Pegasus
David's unofficial guide to private web pages on Ozemail
This is the complete listing of web pages on GIAEB! Monash University
About 60 home pages at La Trobe University - link thanks to Paul Arden.

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