Racewatch: The philosophy that immigrants should assimilate is "racist". (ie Those who promote this will be outed as "racists" by Racewatch.

Prue MacSween on Stan Zemanek show - Foxtel Pay TV production (Murdoch) - (Channel 10) 26th March 1999: "No-one would argue about assimilation. It is so important that immigrants assimilate."

Now is Prue a racist... Racewatch Committee... and what does that make Foxtel for promoting this racist concept?

In August 1998 Community Aid Abroad joined the Jewish anti-Defamation league's B'nai B'rith in establishing "Racewatch".

Just weeks earlier the Australia/Israel Review, a Zionist publication, had taken the extraordinary step of publishing a confidential list of 2,000 Pauline Hanson's One Nation members and donors under the headline "Gotcha". By doing so the magazine, published by Mark Leibler, had successfully used the methods applied by the Nazis and the Brownshirts to intimidate the German population in the 1930s.

The establishment of "Racewatch" by this Jewish organisation once again re-visits the methadology, the tyranny and treachery of the Nazis. A terrible period in our history that the Jewish community have every right to feel strongly about.

So why are they now using the same tactics in a country used to free speech and democracy by the people for the people?

On August 15th 1998, The Courier Mail carried an article on this subject. Below is an extract:

"You see Racewatch - created by a partnership between Community Aid Abroad and B'Nai B'Rith, the Jewish anti-defamation organisation - has opened a can of worms that seems, at best, dangerous and, at worst, the most frighteningly un-Australian organisation created for a long time."

Why frighteningly un-Australian?

This is how "Racewatch" works. Anyone can become an informer, a "spy" for Racewatch, by completing a form. Just like in the dark days of Communist Russia children, for example, can spy of parents "looking out for racist comments". These comments are then reported back to a special un-Australian tribunal which has no official government backing. If the tribunal finds the person being spied on guilty then their name is added to the "Racewatch" database maintained by B'nai B'rith. Every Friday the names added to the list are presented to the media for scrutiny. This list lays the groundwork for the creation of blacklists and outright character assassination.

The members of the three man "Racewatch" tribunal judging those to be "exposed":
  • Justice Marcus Einfeld, of the Federal Court;
  • Former federal race discrimination officer and present New South Wales Ombudsman Irene Moss;
  • Former Taxation Office head Trevor Boucher, who is now president of the Racial Respect, an organisation he started after he retired.

Justice Einfeld

Allegations have recently been raised about this Jewish judge by an Australian Jew who is on the inside of  the "Sydney Club".

Trevor Boucher

The tax office's close association with the Australian Treasury cannot be overlooked here:

One nation is alone amongst political parties in taking a stand against big business. The major parties having already "sold out" to the multinationals for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

Irene Moss

Formerly the Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Irene Moss, the Commissioner for the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) and now  New South Wales Ombudsman.

(Email: New South Wales Ombudsman).

It was HREOC in Queensland which took more than 12 months to clear One Nation's leader, Pauline Hanson, of baseless charges of race based discrimination brought against her by Ms Patricia Thompson ATSIC's Commissioner in S E Queensland.

Mrs Moss is married to Allan Moss, chief executive of Macquarie Bank, whose father was financier Alfred Moss. She is clearly a representative of "big business".

A New South Wales "whistleblower" has this to say of Mrs Moss: "Irene Moss, the Ombudsman and Chris Wheeler, the Deputy Ombudsman, were next. They provided a polished act: one which reflected the same lucid responsible approach to the implementation of the Act as had the Auditor General (resulting in the downfall of the whistleblower)."

Mrs Moss; deceit is exposed in this one statement that she made at a recent ABC Convention: My office is concerned with both the need to protect individual rights and to promote fairness and efficiency by government departments.

The bottom line:

Will these three who will be the judge and jury in "outing" racists be fair and objective in a singularly un-Australian exercise.

I, for one, doubt it very much.  


Community Aid Abroad confirmed that not one racist was "outed" by Racewatch. This despite all the hype and the singling out of One Nation as a primary target.

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