One Nation Queensland talk about the new party in the heart of Ipswich

19th December 1999

Report by Scott Balson, Global Web Builders

I was invited to attend a meeting of One Nation branches in the Ipswich area. I would address the meeting on what was happening within the structure of the old Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.

Ken and Heather Hill gave me a lift from my home in Karana Downs.

The meeting scheduled to start at 1.30pm only started at 2pm because Jack Paff was caught up with an interview with a reporter from Channel 9. About 50 members from about 5 branches from the Ipswich area had gathered to hear what the Queensland MPs were up to and why they had formed the new political party.

The day before, on Saturday, Ian Petersen had spoken to several branches in the Gympie area. 48 out of 52 One Nation members of the Gympie branch supported the move by the Queensland MPs only one supported the old Pauline Hanson's One Nation party structure. The representatives of the other branches were there to report back to their members on what happened.

The president of the Ipswich West branch, Bob, discussed the undemocratic structure of the Pauline Hanson's One Nation party - as seen below you can see that the "company" with 3 directors ran the show.

He then handed over the floor to me and I discussed the information that had been gathered on the secret structure of Pauline Hanson's One Nation - as covered at this link.

After I had finished Heather Hill spoke about her support for the MPs covering the key issues that I had raised - and explaining why the MPs had had no choice but to make the move that they did.

Finally Jack Paff discussed the future and the commitment that the MPs had, as a group, in seeing followers getting a voice in parliament to address the issues that the flawed Pauline Hanson's One Nation structure stood for.

In the images below you can see Jack Paff with Alan Smith (member #1 in Pauline Hanson's One Nation - Smith paid $1,800 for the privilege at the party's launch in April 1997); some old faces and Jack Paff with Heather Hill.

Just days earlier Alan Doak, the vice-president of Pauline Hanson's One Nation in Queensland, had sent the most extraordinary and misleading letter to One Nation members in Queensland plaintively pleaing with them to stay in the flawed party structure.

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