Sham Democracy

Some of us are painfully aware that Australia is dire straits but how many are aware of the whys and wherefores or rather what or who caused this country that once had the potential to become a world power to sink to a near third world status.

To understand what has happened , The following are selected extracts from a booklet written by James Guthrie in 1945-6 called "OUR SHAM DEMOCRACY or The Majority Vote Racket". If only we had listened to what he had to say it might have been a very different Australia today.


It has been known for quite a long time that the chief work of government is carried out by permanent chiefs of the government departments and by high officials in key positions; also that parliament passes more or less blank cheques to the government departments to make their own laws and regulations.

The powers of the Australian Federal bureaucracy have increased enormously of recent years, and they keep on increasing.

The policy pursued by government departments does not vary in important matters, even with a change of government. We find also that the policy of government departments varies very little even in different countries. As these government policies have been increasingly disastrous in every country, and are much resented by the taxpayers, it would be interesting to find out where these key bureaucrats come from and who inflicts them upon the government.

Fortunately for us we have little difficulty in seeking the source of our troubles; we find, for example, an important man anticipated the needs of governments, and took it upon himself to subsidise a school for training directors of government departments. This was Sir Ernest Cassel, millionaire and

international financier, who financed the London School of Economics. According to the Quarterly Review for January, 1929, the London School of Economics was founded by Mr. Sydney Webb and his Socialist Fabian Society with money obtained through Lord Haldane from Sir Ernest Cassel. This endowment, Lord Haldane told J. M. Morgan, K.C., had been provided 'to raise and train the bureaucracy of the future Socialist State'. Well, there it is - the bureaucracy of the present Socialist State!

One of our principal bureaucrats is Dr. H. C. Coombs, Director-General of Post-war Reconstruction in Australia, recently graduated from the London School of Economics. His assistant, another Socialist, Dr. Lloyd Ross, also graduated from the London School of Economics. Then we find that when Otto Niemeyer

came to Australia to advise us to have a depression, Dr. Guggenheim Gregory, Professor of the London School of Economics, came with him to help do the dirty work. We find too that in nearly every university in Australia, our future administrators are having their young minds doped with the poisonous rubbish pumped out by the London School of Economics for the training of the Socialist Bureaucracy.

"That Australia is not the only country that suffers from the attention of specially trained super-planners is seen by the fact that the architect of the post-war scheme for organised poverty for England was Sir William Beveridge, the Principal of the London School of Economics; the 'Beveridge' Plan for Canada was designed by Dr. Marsh, from the London School of Economics; the 'Beveridge' Plan for the United States of America was designed by Dr. Burns, of the London School of Economics, and, according to the American 'Mercury', June, 1943, Mrs. Bums wrote a pamphlet entitled 'Socialist Planning and a Socialist Program', and 'she had been a student under Laski at the London School of Economics'.

We see, therefore, that the millionaire armament king, who planned to inflict socialist bureaucrats on all countries, has had his plans carried out very precisely".

The armament king was Sir Earnest Cassel. who was the man who bankrolled the L S of E.

"It is one thing, however, to train socialist bureaucrats; it is another thing to get them placed in key positions in every country.

How was this done? Another wealthy internationalist throws some light on this subject: Israel Moses Sieff, Chairman of Political and Economic Planning, a Research Committee of the London School

of Economics, declared in 1932, "that only in war, or under threat of war, would the British Government embark on large-scale planning"". Interesting, isn't it?

By now you should be getting a pretty fair idea where our trouble originated.

"But this statement of Israel Moses Sieff becomes more interesting if it is re-written in the light of what millionaire Cassel said and did, and of what has actually taken place. The statement could be re-written thus: "If another war could be arranged, Great Britain threatened with annihilation, and Europe reduced to starvation and chaos, then the main bulwarks of Western civilisation would be removed; no obstacle would then remain to our plans, and we could thus force our terms upon the world and place our own men in every key position". Well, haven't they?"

Most Australians today think that Communism is dead, let me assure you it most certainly is NOT. In this day and age it is known as SOCIALISM.There is no fine line drawn between Socialism and Communism and although the socialists deny it they are one and the same and the London School of Economics was THE Academy of Communism. The push for one world government always was a communist goal and still is . WORLD DOMINATION is the name of the game.

How could our politicians be sucked into this terrible plot ? Remember they are advised by the bureaucrat and by loading our politicians with so much legislation they have no hope of reading it, they run things much as they like. So the traitors are the faceless men and women in the government bureaucracy.

The powerful socialist bureaucrats who have been carefully placed near the vitals of every country are not only a deadly menace to the safety of the people they are supposed to serve, they are a complete obstacle to the simplest and most obvious reforms. That the government has ceased to be able to control

this bureaucracy is obvious enough - and bad enough - but when this bureaucracy is indoctrinated from abroad, and when, by every trick of the underworld, attempts are made to impose on the native population alien doctrines and methods of control repulsive to, and destructive of, the native culture, then we come up against something which has become known as 'fifth column activity'.

It is obvious that parliament, for all practical purposes, has ceased to exist; each country can be looked upon as being under the control of an army of occupation, an army that is commanded by bureaucrats trained and directed from one centre. And it is very obvious that the commanders of this army of occupation look upon the natives of the country as being of an inferior race to be moulded and shaped under the direction of the 'Chosen People'.

The contempt and the ruthlessness with which the bureaucrats treat the taxpayers is ample proof of .this statement.

When you look at the records of the socialist-planned States of the world, and when you get behind the tissue of lies and the expensive propaganda, you will discover a record of militarisation such as the world has not previously known; a record of bloodshed and cruelty that would fill Ghengis Khan with envy; a record of bribery, corruption and inefficiency that has rocked civilisation to its very foundations. And after millions have been killed and tortured, we are still left without one single problem solved.

Today, there is a large body of honest and sincere men and women who wish to see a great variety of reforms instituted in this country, reforms which are long overdue; but this move for reform has been canalised and controlled by a small group of men who are using the occasion to impose surreptitiously the very brand of national socialism which so many young men have given their lives to destroy. In the name of freedom and democracy we are having the foundations of freedom and democracy permanently destroyed…..

Centralised party management and centralised control o f finance must produce the centralisation of everything else. No one who wants permission to do a job can afford to live away from the political capital; gradually those living away from the capital are looked upon and treated as provincials and barbarians, and gradually the concentration of all power within a small group saps the initiative of the rest of the country. The disease of centralisation, once started, must grow,

What makes over-cantralised organisations so expensive, so wasteful and so autocratic, is the vast bureaucracy they must employ. Where there is effective competition the attitude of a shopkeeper must be: 'The customer is always right'; with the bureaucracy the attitude is: 'The customer is always wrong'.

Any person who has attempted to get a grievance righted by a Federal Government official knows how difficult the task is; even when that person is skilled in finding his way around town he still has to use a ruthless determination and an oriental persistence before he can obtain a hearing.

The local bureaucrat always has a complete alibi; he abides by his book of rules; he disclaims all responsibility. Soon you find that in your own town nothing can be done to get redress; all power has been taken from your town and centred in Canberra. Canberra, of course, is a long way away, and so is your so-called representative. If perchance you make contact with your representative, he probably will tell you that he will place the case before the Minister; the Minister, struggling under an avalanche of correspondence, has little time to look at your case and will send the letter to one of his bureaucrats, who, in the course of time, will tell you that everything has been conducted according to rule - the rule having been made in the first place by the bureaucrat himself.

You may go to court to appeal against the decision of the Canberra bureaucrat, but again you will find that the judge has to base his verdict on the rules made by the same bureaucrat of whom you are complaining.

This bureaucracy, this great army of occupation which lives on the natives, is becoming stronger and more deeply entrenched every day. This bureaucracy is the mechanism by which a small clique in control of it - the general staff of the bureaucracy- imposes its will on every town and village in the country….

Remember it was 50 years ago that James Guthrie wrote these words and we know now that he was ignored, and so to what happened.

One of the most dangerous men to come out of the pre-war period was Dr. H.C.(nugget) Coombs. This man went on from the Director of Post War Reconstruction to become the Governor of the Commonwealth Bank , the Governor of the Reserve Bank and advisor to no less than seven Prime Ministers. He founded the Australian National University in Canberra and with Professor Henry Reynolds was instrumental in bringing the MABO case to the High Court. And this man graduated from the London School of Economics.

But the crowning achievement came in 1983 , the Australian people elected a Labour Government led by a dyed in wool communist, er I mean Socialist , Robert Lee Hawke and with another of the same ilk. Paul Keating who was named by the world's leading financiers as the Worlds Greatest Treasurer. These two traitors will go down in history as the ones who did more to wreck Australia than anyone else.

Over the next thirteen years we saw a rapid acceleration of the communist plan. The black activists were stirred to fever pitch with the infamous Mabo decision and later the Wik decision both of these made by a High Court that stepped right outside their jurisdiction.

These decisions have changed our land laws to such an extent that our old title that has been in operation for 200 years is no more, instead the basic title is now Native Title and many legal minds are of the opinion that vast areas of the Australian continent will be handed over to the Aboriginals free and clear

Thousands of treaties were signed at the United Nations instigation our industrial base was sold off to multinational consortiums, who pay little or no tax. This burden has been placed more and more on the people who can least afford it, the ordinary taxpayer.

Our Constitution was flouted or ignored. Our foreign debt which when Labour was elected in 1983 stood at $20 billion rose at an alarming rate and when the people finally put them out in 1996 after thirteen years it was close to $200 billion.

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