The Anti-Racism Committee

The Editor
The Queensland Times

5th October 1997

Dear sir,

The facade put up by the lunatic left of the ALP has at last been revealed for what it is - a total scam.

Called the Anti-Racism Committee it has nothing to do with racism, and nothing to do with doing what is right for Australia. The placards held by the regulars and the papers sold by them reveal the truth... ‘The Socialist Worker’. A party aligned with Communism and denouncing freedom of speech.

The Anti-Racism Committee is aligned with the ALP. We have known this for sometime through the shadowy links that it has with the on-line ACTU organisation called ‘Left Link’. We have known this because the Brisbane ‘branch’ holds its monthly meetings in ACTU House in Peel street in Brisbane. We know this because the Ipswich spokesman of the Anti-Racism Committee, *Peter Arndt, was mentioned in your paper on Friday as being the contact for donations to go to the secretary of the Oxley branch of the ALP (Virginia Clark) whose house tragically burnt down that week.

*Mr Arndt later confirmed to the writer that he was a "rank and file member" of the ALP's Ipswich City Central branch after holding many positions in the past like that of branch secretary. The book "Hansonism, Trick or treat" by Don Veitch confirms that Virginia Clark, the current secretary of the ALP's Oxley branch heads up the Ipswich Anti-Racism Committee.
We also know that the Anti-Racism Committee lies, sells deceit, hides its real motives and has less credibility than the Flat Earth Society. The very real threat by them to physically assault Pauline Hanson earlier this year is but one example.

Last Friday you quoted the spokesman of this ALP fringe group (Brian Webb), as saying that he did not support violent protest.

Within minutes of about thirteen protesters being arrested on Saturday outside the Prosper Australia rally at Festival Hall in Brisbane he said through a loud hailer to a highly emotional crowd, and I quote, "We should go through the police lines, let's cut through the police lines. Let's go in through the doors."

Luckily another person with more brains called on the crowd to calm down saying that they could not win by taking on the police who were being called racists at this time.

The Anti-Racism Committee and the ALP cannot duck the lime light this time. This violent arm of the ALP is not about democracy it is about thuggery. It is not about the truth it is about lies and deceit. It is not about racism it is about socialism. It is not about being Australian it is about undermining the country. It is not about One Nation being racist it is about squashing what it sees to be a threat to its bi-partisan running of Australia with the Coalition. In short it is a disgrace as are all people associated with it in an official capacity.

A full report on the Prosper Australia rally including the arrest of protesters can be seen on the Internet at:

Scott Balson, Karana Downs

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