Letter to the QT - 19th July 1997

The Editor
Queensland Times

Dear sir,

The issues that Ms Hanson raise do not cause hatred. It is uninformed comments and the violent tendencies of extremist politically-motivated protesters who gain strong support through their affiliation with the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

It has taken the Australian media weeks to turn their attention on just WHO the protesters are and WHAT they represent.

We now know that a large portion of those protesting at One Nation launches are simply using the events to get their violent message across.

Have you noticed how the Liberal and Labor party have not come to the defence of democracy in Australia in the face of comments by groups like the International Socialist Organisation whose spokesman, Ian Rintoul, said, "We don't condone individual vigilant acts against Hanson supporters, but we are for militant protests and mass action to close meetings down."

How considerate of Mr Rintoul not to 'condone violence'.

Or how about the protesters from Militant Australia whose leader Stephen Jolly has policies that include nationalising everything from BHP to the home that you own to the toilet paper that you use! Militant Australia is the Australian 'branch' of the Committee for a Workers International - based in Ireland!

Are these extremist views? It would appear that Mrs Anne Scott (ALP candidate for the seat of Oxley) does not think so even though Militant's education policy primarily involves education our children on Marxist theories. The Militant group is promoted on the Internet by the ALP's ACTU! The ACTU web page of links on the Internet lists the Militant site as a bonafide political party in Australia through one of its national organisations called Left Link. This is but one example.

I would love to know what Anne Scott's views are on Left Link as I believe that she bases her support and success in representing the ALP in Ipswich on her contacts within the ACTU. I can tell you that it would make the majority of ALP voters skin crawl if they knew what else was promoted and given credibility on the Internet through the ACTU.

It's about time the ALP stopped it's double speak when it comes to using fringe and extremist minority groups to shore up its vote even if this includes undermining the Australian way of life - our freedom of speech - the backbone of any true democracy.

Yours faithfully,
Scott Balson
Karana Downs

Ian Rintoul, International Socialist Organisation's response.
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