Scott v Hanson


It is important to note that the letter was edited by the Queensland Times before going to publication and that the text in red was omitted from my letter while the text in green was added to my letter.

The omission that is of particular interest is the key area of the Heiner inquiry into the shredding of documents by the Goss government.

11th October 1997

The Editor
The Queensland Times

Dear Sir,

It was rather refreshing but predictable to see Anne Scott’s reappearance on your letters page (QT 11 Oct).

The last time she wrote she incurred the wrath of Labor State Secretary Mike Kaiser for her comments on the redistribution of the seat of Oxley. Not to be deterred she demanded an apology... Mrs Scott did you ever receive one? I would love to know because I never heard the outcome - but this is par for the course with the ALP.

It appears that Anne Scott and the Labor Party are well versed in selective silence. They/Anne Scott and the Labor Party roar with practised emotional outrage if they feel that they can blow the whistle on an opponent but shut up tight like an oyster when they have no answer.

Firstly may I say that despite Reg Bishop’s outspoken views, which have nothing to do with those of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, I bet that he has done more for Australia in his time than the collective input of the violent ALP-inspired mob who protested outside the Prosper Australia rally in Brisbane earlier this month. It was this mob who carried Hitler symbols and tried to defeat democracy while shouting ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’. It was a trade union spokesman, Bob Carnegie, who said to this assembly in Queens Park, and I quote, "People here represent all that is good and fine in this country of ours today. People who support Hanson represent all that is bad." This minutes before 13 of their number were arrested.

Mrs Scott you speak so strongly for the ALP and are known to be an outspoken pre-selection candidate yet you have refused more than once in the past to answer my simple challenge. This challenge has now been joined by others, and as we approach the next federal election, based on your party’s recent violent track record, will become a file thicker than the Shredding of the Heiner Inquiry Documents - a Wayne Goss government legacy. Now I know that you know all about the Heiner Documents and their location on the Internet because it was I who gave this information to your grateful husband at the height of your disgraceful public ‘cat-fight’ with the ALP.

Yes, Les Scott’s delight was quite obvious - informing me over the phone at the time that you were on the Internet and that you would most certainly visit the web site.

So once again, here is the unanswered challenge, now joined with others:
For the fifth time I publicly challenge the ALP to provide me with a public forum (with a direct phone and power)
to demonstrate that the following:

Surely your refusal to allow me to prove my allegations in public must speak far louder than your party’s well-known ‘oyster-like’ approach.

Scott Balson, Karana Downs

Anne Scott's letter prompting this response

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