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Image right One Nation leader Bill Feldman with Jack Paff at the media conference - 3rd February 1999.

Press Release

Queensland Police Service
Media and Public Relations Branch
100 Roma Street, Brisbane

3rd February 1999

Queensland Police have announced that their investigation into a traffic incident involving Mr Jack Paff MLA has been completed.

Following a thorough investigation, police have determined there is insufficient evidence of any offence having been committed. Mr Paff has been advised of the outcome of the investigation.

The investigation related to a vehicle, allegedly being driven by Mr Paff, as it left Parliament House on January 18, 1999. Television footage of the vehicle allegedly driven by Mr Paff was examined and witnesses were interviewed.

A traffic light on the corner of George and Alice Streets can be seen from the Parliament House gateway. However, investigations concluded that the vehicle did not go past any stop line associated with the red light, nor did the vehicle pass the red light itself.

There was also insufficient evidence of any offence being committed in relation to the vehicle's path of travel. Investigations into allegations that the vehicle also passed a No Exit sign have revealed that the relevant sign is not located on a public road but within the environs of Parliament House, and no offence has been committed.

NOTE: No further comments will be made in relation to this issue and no interview requests will be granted.

Issued by John Deal 3364 6669
Media and Public Relations Branch

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Jack Paff press release:

Jack Paff vs The Media
(Remember what the media said?)

3rd February 1999

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