Comment: David Glanz represents the extremist International Socialist Organisation who are on the record as saying:

"We don't condone individual vigilant acts against Hanson supporters," he says. "But we are for militant protests and mass action to close meetings down."

Note how they are tied up with the Australian Labor Party:

Subject: LL:DDV: The next anti-Hanson demo!
From: David Glanz <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 09:34:04
Message-ID: <>
Mailing List:

Following the fantastic success of Sunday's mobilisation against Hanson, it's important to keep the momentum up.

One Nation is still considering standing a candidate in the Northcote by-election. The Liberals are not standing, leaving open the possibility of One Nation getting a highly inflated anti-Labor vote.

That's why it's important to rally against One Nation and racism in Northcote this coming Saturday, July 25, at 2pm at Northcote Town Hall (High St).

The rally has been endorsed so far by the Victorian Arabic Network, the Darebin African Resources Centre, Ezzeddine Rafhi (chair, Moreland Ethnic Communities Council), Anne Lawson (AEU branch pres, Northcote Primary School), Susie Latham (CEPU shop steward, Fitzroy Mail Delivery Centre) (all in a personal capacity), Northcote, Brunswick and Oakleigh Socialist Worker branches, and Socialist Alternative.

There will be a speaker representing the stolen generation and a speaker from the Arabic community. Martin Ferguson MP and local Labor candidate Mary Delahunty have been invited to speak.

If you would like to endorse the rally, to arrange a speaker or to get leaflets or posters to help advertise it, contact David Glanz on 9386 4815 or 0418 316 310.

The rally was initiated by the Northcote branch of Socialist Worker. It will go ahead as a victory celebration if One Nation decides this week to pull out of the electoral race!


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