Proof that Left Link is used by overseas black radicals as an information source:

Below is tangible proof that Left Link, that Australian Labor Party extreme left wing off-shoot is used as an overseas information source by radical groups overseas.

Nattyreb is an extremist on-line overseas black group who sow hatred and lies with distorted stories about "their black brothers plight" - note how racist this group is - it is only the plight of "blacks" like terrorist Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin that get sympathetic coverage.

Lorenzo Ervin has used Left Link to promote a boycott of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

Within hours of the post (below in red) being placed on Left Link it was broadcast to Nattyreb's private global mailing list (see post above in blue).

The Global Web Builders' link referred to in the red post can be seen here.


Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 13:14:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Marpessa Kupendua 
Subject: !*Racist Australia on Bro. Komboa/ABC/Nyungah elders/LL 


>Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 11:23:02 +1100 (EST)
>Subject: LL: Latest `expose' of Leftlink by Global Web Builders
>NEWSFLASH: Leftlink responsible for Australia's diminished
>           reputation in the world!
>Seeing as it is the silly season, Leftlinkers might be amused
>to read the latest `expose' of our list which was posted on the web
>earlier today by Global Web Builders, the Hanson front organisation...
>                         The Ervin Connection
>Document prepared for John Sheed, AAP Reuters
>by Scott Balson
>  _________________________________________________________________
>It is widely accepted that, at best, Lorenzo Ervin is a bit of a
>shit-stirrer, while, at worst, he is a terrorist working for the
>radical Anarchist Black Cross. To find out just what Ervin stands for
>and who he is working with we need to start by examining facts using
>the Internet as our base:
>  _________________________________________________________________
>Quote, Lorenzo Ervin, while in an Australian jail: "I do not favour
>the prospect but I may be killed while in custody, and have my death
>ruled a "suicide". Whatever the situation, I will not give up the
>Lorenzo Ervin July 9, 1997
>Lorenzo Ervin's early Australian "roots" and support groups and their
>collective views:
>Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin broke onto the Australian scene when he was
>invited by Queensland based "Angry People".
>We know that Angry People are associated with the on-line "Anarchist
>Network" through direct links from their page and because they share
>the same Internet domain -
>The Anarchist Network is directly linked to another Australian
>organisation, The Anarchist Black Cross, "an organization that's
>dedicated to supporting anarchist and other political prisoners".
>Here is a quote from the Anarchist Black Cross page: "We don't place
>judgements on what are valid or invalid expressions of resistance;
>non-violence is not a criterion for support. We hope that we can
>encourage activists by providing assurance that even if you are
>persecuted for your activities, the movement will not abandon you: we
>will take care of our own. Through the ABC we are building
>organisational support for resistance".
>We know that Anarchist Black Cross promoted Lorenzo Ervin's visit to
>Australia and are associated with Angry People. On this page they say,
>and I quote: "His (Ervin's) book, Anarchism and the Black Revolution,
>his Draft Proposal on the Anarchist Black Cross, and writings in
>various anarchist journals are available from Barricade Books: 115
>Sydney Road, Brunswick, Vic, 3056."
>In other words we can accept that Lorenzo Ervin still has terrorist
>(violence) leanings "non-violence is not a criterion for support".
>Anarchist Black Cross lists cat@lyst - community activist info node
>which links directly to Lorenzo Ervin's official Australian web site.
>The cat@lyst "Anarchist archive includes this revelation on the
>attitudes of this group to our police force: "We can only be free of
>the Police State when we refuse to condone it. We must refuse to
>cooperate with its activities. We must challenge the free reign of
>police terror and hold each police action accountable to the members
>of our communities. We must be the court of last resort that decides
>the fate of any cop who violates us. We must treat cops as criminals
>and accept no excuses. We must expose all police criminals and kick
>them out of our communities. WE MUST REFUSE TO BE ABUSED. OUR POWER IS
>>From Lorenzo Ervin's official Australian web site we read in the
>article "Lorenzo speaks out at the settlement, Sydney":
>"In the end, he (Ervin) says, we have to overthrow capitalism, to
>smash the state. This stuff has got to lead to action, and it has got
>to be international - so people don't get confused that it's just
>those funny people in Australia acting out. He says he turned to
>anarchism so that the next revolution will be organised from the
>ground up - the state won't be able to squash it via the leaders 'cos
>there won't be any."
>To summarise statements from Lorenzo Ervin's own mouth and words as
>seen above:
>  * non-violence is not a criterion for support
>  * we have to overthrow capitalism, to smash the (Australian) state
>Ervin's short visit to Australia ended in his forced eviction after it
>was revealed that he had served time in prison in the US for hijacking
>a plane. This public face of Ervin is well reported and is not covered
>in this page.
>  _________________________________________________________________
>It is quite clear that Lorenzo Ervin has the aim of disrupting law and
>order in Australia. One can therefore conclude that those who he
>associates with approve of terrorist  his actions.
>  _________________________________________________________________
> Lorenzo Ervin's circle of support in Australia identified:
>One of the most surprising links between the Australian promotion of
>Ervin post-eviction is that to the Australian Labor Party through an
>associated on-line organisation called Left Link.
>Left Link - Victoria's Broad Left are noted as a "national
>organisation" by the Australian Council of Trade Unions as the ACTU
>links page confirms. (Look under "L" in the Australian heading).
>Left Link have promoted Ervin's post through their moderated archive
>without any concern about the implications.
>The five most infamous posts being:
>  * (in early July 1997) the West Australian based "Nyungah Circle of
>    Elders" on-line protest over the deportation of Ervin from
>    Australia;
>  * then (in mid-July 1997) Ervin writing to the Nyungah Circle of
>    Elders in response, through Left Link, thanking them for their
>    support;
>  * (in early August) the Nyungah Circle of Elders replied to Ervin's
>    thank you post calling for him to organise a boycott to the Sydney
>    2000 Olympics;
>  * this was followed (in late August 1997) by Ervin's subsequent Left
>    Link post "Olympic Boycott Materials" in late August where even
>    his boycott account details are freely supplied.
>  * in October this year just before Kathy Freeman was approached by
>    the Nyungah Circle of Elders to boycott the Sydney 2000 Olympics
>    the following post was placed by Left Link where the Aboriginal
>    elders call for "Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and all People of the World
>    standing for Justice, Recognition, Human Rights and all their
>    Friends and Supporters" to copy this post and send it to media
>    outlets...
>It is through Left Link's active involvement that Ervin and the
>Nyungah Circle of Elders have forged a public alliance and the Sydney
>2000 Olympics boycott has found its international beginnings.
>  _________________________________________________________________
>The Nyungah Circle of Elders have the following statement on their web
>page, "The Smell of the Whiteman is Killing Us." They also now
>prominently link their page to that of Lorenzo Ervin.
>  _________________________________________________________________
>  The Nyungah Circle of Elders, Wik and the race war:
>The link between Lorenzo Ervin, the terrorist, and the West Australian
>based Nyungah Circle of Elders has developed over the last few months
>with the "Nyungah Circle of Elders" (or Settlers for Indigenous
>Sovereignty - Aboriginal First Nation & Fourth World Peoples) web page
>today carrying a direct link to Lorenzo Ervin's on-line (Australian
>Angry People) web site.
>The Nyungah Circle of Elders, led by Robert Bropho, recently
>"reclaimed" Yagan's head from overseas and have continued to be
>outspoken over the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games boycott, egged on
>overseas by Lorenzo Ervin.
>Robert Bropho was the man who tried to get Aboriginal track star Cathy
>Freeman to pull out of the Sydney 2000 Olympics a few weeks ago. This
>event was highly publicised at the time in the Australian media.
>They, under the heading, "NO NATURAL JUSTICE, NO OLYMPIC GAMES" have
>taken up Ervin's original call for overseas help  in a post on Left
>Quote from Left Link post: "(call for our) our Black and White Sisters
>and Brothers of the World to come to our Aid and assist us because
>there is no help for us in Australia in keeping our Basic Human
>Rights, our Religion, our Culture, our Dignity in the remaining time
>we've got of our lives fighting for existence".
>"WE CALL ON: all Indigenous Land Councils, all Medical Services, all
>Legal Services, all Indigenous Communities throughout the breadth and
>length of the World and of Australia, all Aboriginal Peoples of the
>World and Australia, all Media of the World and Australia to
>participate in assisting us on the grounds and the basis of the Howard
>Government targetting us the Original Owners as the Public Enemy
>Number 1, yet we have given them a Home, it is our Land they are using
>for their European living life style.
>according to their 10 Commandments saying "Thou shalt not steal" & 
>"Thou shalt not kill" and to follow Jesus Christ's  stand to love thy 
>neighbour and respect one another.
>"WE ALSO CALL ON all Religions of the World be they Indigenous,
>Animist, Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, Tao, Confucian or the many other
>Religions: To assist us in their belief in Justice.
>"WE CALL ON Pat Dodson: Stay on course and Resign as Chairperson of
>the reconciliation Council.
>"WE CALL ON Ray Martin, of TV and Member of the Reconciliation
>Council: To do the Same.
>"WE SAY to Richard Court, Premier of Western Australia: It is a Race
>"WE ASK Tim Fischer, Leader/National Party and Deputy Prime Minister:
>Where is the money for Aboriginal People to fight their land Claims in
>"WE CALL ON Mr Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs: To stop
>contradicting the Truth in speaking to the World, when Aboriginal
>People ask the World for assistance.
>"WE CALL ON the President of Indonesia and the people of Indonesia: To
>return that money back that John Howard and his Government gave you
>because they are depriving Aboriginal people of money to fight for
>their land and their Survival.
>"WE CALL ON Nick Minchin Special Minister of State for Native Title:
>To RESIGN. You are irresponsible in your comments. You know not what
>you are talking about. You don't feel the suffering that we the
>Aboriginal People feel.
>"WE CALL ON Lois O'Donaghue ex-ATSIC Chairperson Lois O'Donaghue: You
>have run your race in the political arena. You did nothing good for us
>the Aboriginal People of Australia. Please go home back to your
>"WE CALL ON the President of South Africa Mr Nelson Mandela and our
>Brothers and Sisters of Africa: To Help us get Justice done. We are
>asking you as a Nation of People: Help us, not John Howard. It is an
>international human concern."
>Interesting that, not long after, President Mandela offered to help
>Australia over it's "Aboriginal crisis".
>The public face of the hidden (direct email) communication between
>Lorenzo Ervin and the Nyungah Circle of Elders under radical
>Aboriginal leader Robert Bropho should be of real concern to all
>We now have the missing link in the lead-up to the subversive elements
>within the Aboriginal community... the weaponry to be used by a few
>radical Aborigines in Australia.
>This page, revealing their location, has been compiled from two recent
>email posts received by Scott Balson from a well known informant who
>gives a first hand report on the stockpiling by Aborigines of
>sophisticated M16 automatic weapons in the Pilbara in Western
>While we cannot say that these posts and the weaponry are tied-up with
>the Nyungah Circle of Elders or Ervin, what we can deduce from the
>links and information supplied here is that the international
>attention given Ervin through the ALP's Left Link web site has started
>a negative international portrayal of Australia that belies the worst
>impact that the media-inspired "Pauline Hanson racism debate" could
>ever achieve.
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