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Ignorance is bliss. That is how the Manly office controls One Nation members.
The flow of information is regulated and controlled by David Ettridge. Ettridge is David Oldfield's lieutenant.

Anyone who dares question their authority is branded a white ant.

Find out about "white ants" at this link.

How contact between branches is restricted:

New South Wales have tried for 18 months, unsuccessfully, to get a membership list for that state from Manly.

Total control of information flow to branches and members is maintained by the National Director, David Ettridge. Mr Ettridge

I started questioning the official line after One Nation was deregistered in Queensland. What I discovered opened up a can of worms. It is because I care for One Nation that I have embarked on this expose of the men who are destroying the "people's party".

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The links below to articles run during November and December 1999 reveal why secrecy is so important for the 2D factor:

Tale of deceit, cover-up and intimidation involving Manly
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David Oldfield, the consumate politician? 3rd November 1999
Webmaster resigns 4th November 1999
Shooting the messenger 9th November 1999
Is debate healthy? 10th November 1999
Scott Balson going "feral" or is he just a "white ant"? 12th November 1999
Secrecy at the top, not questions from the bottom, is white-anting One Nation 13th November 1999
The ongoing Pauline Hanson Support Movement mystery compounds and Balson banned from NSW meetings 15th November 1999
Seven days to go 16th November 1999
One sentence sums up the true picture 17th November 1999
Ethnic cleansing taking place in One Nation 18th November 1999
Do we have the right to know? 18th November 1999
At what cost a flawed constitution? 19th November 1999
White ants eating from the inside or out. You be the judge? 20th November 1999
The Ettridge letter 20th November 1999
Balson responds to Ettridge's declaration to members 21st November 1999
Ipswich West addressed by Paff 21st November 1999
Questions about the "Liberal Party" roots of One Nation - just a conspiracy theory? 22nd November 1999
A remarkable 24 Hours 22nd November 1999
Tricks and treats 24th November 1999
Whiteside calls for a Royal Commission over allegations of the Liberal Party's interference in One Nation 25th November 1999
One Nation MP, David Dalgleish, speaks out against the party's constitution and other matters of concern 26th November 1999
Balson in Sydney on speaking tour 26th November 1999
Pauline Hanson's dilemma, the deregistration of One Nation in Queensland... no oversight 1st December 1999
How many good people have to leave? 2nd December 1999
NSW State Executive being cleansed by Manly 3rd December 1999
@notd hacked by One Nation member 3rd December 1999
The deafening silence 5th December 1999
Ettridge's Champions strikes a vein of solid gold at One Nation 8th December 1999
Porky pies and secrecy at Manly 8th December 1999
Queensland MPs and Senator Harris deserve our support 9th December 1999
Ettridge's scams come back to haunt 10th December 1999
On-line Supreme Court ruling involving David Ettridge's scams: 20th September 1989
Queensland MPs register One Nation Queensland - upsetting Manly 13th December 1999
Hill sacked, Hocking suspended, Balson threatened and 5 MPs registration challenged - 2Ds remain 14th December 1999
I'm sorry Pauline, you no longer represent the issues - you represent the problem 15th December 1999
The Missing Manly Millions 16th December 1999
What went wrong with the "people's party? 17th December 1999
Credibility the current chasm separating ON Manly and ON Qld 18th December 1999
Heather Hill answers her critics 19th December 1999

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