Northern Territory Branch News

Katherine 23/08/97:

The first public meeting of a Branch within the Northern Territory was held at Miniata Park near Katherine Gorge, approximately 300km south of Darwin on the 23rd August 1997. Local support for One Nation was highlighted by the absence of protesters from any of the groups that have harassed interested community members wherever branch meetings are held. People from the local community as well as from as far as Darwin and Fitzroy Station attended to hear local convenor Alex Wood discuss the growing support for One Nation and to call for nominations to the branch. A full committee was nominated and Alex Wood is now branch

President. Alex Wood may be contacted at PO Box 119 Katherine NT 0851 or by telephone (08) 8971 0952. The branch secretary Michael Whelan may be contacted by fax on (08) 8971 0296.

Darwin 26/08/97:

The formation meeting of the Darwin branch was held on the 26th August 1997 at the Nightcliff Community Centre. Approximately 30 people attended to form the local branch. Darwin convenor Robert Whittington thanked attendees for making their way through the crowd outside that had obviously discouraged some from entering.

A crowd of approximately 150 demonstrators held a meeting opposite the centre to discourage fair-minded Australians from hearing the truth. These protestors were from the Resistance Movement and the Northern Territory University Student Union along with representatives of Aboriginal groups. There was no physical violence involved in this protest. A low profile police contingent was on hand throughout the night.

At the conclusion of the meeting a committee had been nominated to further advance the cause in Darwin.

Darwin Branch President is Robert Whittington, PO Box 246 Sanderson NT 0813. Telephone/Fax (08) 8948 3537.

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