Pauline Hanson - The Real Thing!
Tuesday 1st April 1997

No, it certainly was not April’s fools! Yes, Pauline Hanson was in Darwin on the 1st of April and boy it was worth the wait! Ms Hanson was invited by Chris Lugg, a former member of the Nelson Branch of the CLP. Footing the costs of her own travel expenses unlike some other fat buggers in our federal parliament, she seemed to enjoy the tropical customs, heat and hospitality. Well she certainly got a warm reception on Tuesday night at the Humpty Doo Village Green, where she came at 9pm to give a speech to over 200 of her ardent supporters and a handful of protestors.

It was interesting to watch the media report Ms Hanson’s trip to the NT, especially the ABC, showing how they heat up the volatility of people’s emotions by projecting one point of view that Pauline is famous for: Abos and Asians. This type of narrow-minded journalism contorts the reality of which Pauline Hanson’s whole aim and purpose is. A concerned woman wanting to protect her backyard and family. What the hell is wrong with that? She has more balls than any male politician put together. Her courage and determination to stand up, and open her mouth about views she firmly believes in, is an attribute lacking from all our politicians. She has a clear advantage over Canberra's brat pack, her mind not filled or influenced by new age and academic garbage. She follows her intuition and instinct on the lonely path towards claiming her basic rights for freedom and happiness as a whole community.

However people like Pauline are a threat to the hidden agenda behind John Howards government, so they will never be looked upon as heroes or idols by our media or by the influential lobbyists, they are instead stamped as ‘controversial’ and "detrimental" to the betterment of society.

Pauline visited the Jawoyn Association in Katherine on the morning of the 1st of April. The Jawoyn are a local aboriginal tribe in charge of running tours of the Katherine Gorge. The chairman of the Jawoyn Association, Mr Lee, mumbled to the media that he hoped he would ‘teach’ Pauline Hanson a thing or two about aborigines and their culture. Well it certainly wasn't his contagious charm that impressed Pauline. During her speech Ms Hanson told us that Mr Lee was noted for being forthright and honest, however, when it came to being forthright and honest to Pauline, the cat obviously got his tongue. It seemed that Pauline’s presence was too much for the poor guy, he couldn’t contest her because he knew she was not doing anything wrong by speaking her mind or pointing out some obvious facts. She was right, and frankly, the truth hurt. So, Mr Lee could only sulk in the background after Ms Hanson had left Katherine, and say to the media that he wasn’t impressed with her attitude at all.

The Jawoyn Association ‘proved’ to Ms Hanson that aboriginals can make a business and get off their backsides and work. Granted this is true, but Mr Lee, where did you get the money from in the first place to create your association and business? Who helped you? Did you do it all on your own? You see the difference is, Ms Hanson started from nothing and worked her way up, building her fish & chip enterprise and entering politics. Whereas aboriginals are given help, advice and financial backing on a platter thanks to white taxpayers. That’s the easy bit. They are not self inspired or motivated, unless it is to racially attack Pauline. There is a lack of direction and strong leadership within the aboriginal community. And this cannot be blamed on white Australia or Pauline Hanson.

Pauline’s speech in Darwin was music to our ears. She tackled many issues revolving from government corruption, foreign ownership in Australia, unemployment, media bias, the bleeding of our welfare system, youth education, teenage pregnancies, crime and gun control, euthanasia, immigration (not only Asian but all nationalities), the aboriginal industry, wasted tax payer money, and more. It was a controlled, easy-going speech, well received and understood. Although she had just launched the blueprint for her Pauline Hanson One Nation political party, her speech wasn’t campaign orientated. It was an informal just ‘for the record’. She was not afraid to be challenged, she was not afraid to debate and she was not afraid to talk openly about politically/socially taboo subjects. Her approach was extremely refreshing and honest. Something that makes her extremely popular and attractive in the climate of uncertainty Australia finds itself in.

There were two protestors during Ms Hanson's speech, both using the opportunity to launch their own political mandate, however, they had no solution nor offered any insight on how to re-start our country's economic and social growth. Their outbursts and sledging was not appreciated nor acceptable. The level of security was minimal, one unarmed security guard. Anything could have happened. And judging by how violent and radical Ms Hanson's enemies are, she shouldn't take any risks.

As her popularity soars, so will the numbers of people who leave the traditional Labor and Liberal parties to join her. Many have already defected in the Northern Territory and it looks a though it will be a snowball effect nation-wide.

Just before Ms Hanson arrived in Darwin, a former staff member of hers was sacked and went straight to the media to cry about his hurt pride. According to him, Pauline had sacked him because he didn’t ‘massage her ego’. In his opinion Pauline was deluding herself if she thought that she could make it as Prime Minister, as she was not leadership material. Shit! Pauline's fiery, disciplined, no nonsense attitude is something no major politician in our day and age has. Pauline Hanson has excellent potential and abilities to become a great leader and an outstanding Prime Minister, she just needs the right backing, support and strategy. She needs top quality staff that know the ropes of politics, law and marketing presentation if she is going to succeed and be taken seriously in the world wide political arena. She needs a good adviser if she is to navigate herself through the old boy's club and lodge brotherhood of the political elite.

There will be a lot of people who fall by the wayside as Pauline goes higher and higher in her professional sphere. Not many people have the mental tenacity, concentration, knowledge, discipline or can cope with the stress level required to make it. The amount of crap that Pauline has put up with since she gave her maiden speech in the House of Representatives, shows that she does have the edge to not take it personally or let it eat at her emotionally. This is the main difference between a winner and a loser. How they can control their mind and emotions. Pauline had better be prepared, because the government will use every dirty low down trick to keep her unsuccessful, afterall, John Howard has had 30 years training experience in corruption and lies. He will use all possible and impossible means to stop her. She is a threat to his existence.

We have one small word of advice Pauline, don’t wear the colour red. Australians may think the colour red represents someone dynamic. The Chinese believe it is a colour for success. But the colour red will attract aggression and violence wherever you go. It has a profound psychological and subliminal affect on people. This has been proven. People will always react to what you wear, do and say. And as the debate surrounding you is already volatile, wearing red is like waving a red flag in front of a frenzied bull.

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