Hanson on Heiner

The Bottom Line - The Courier Mail, August 11th 1997.

Meanwhile, Pauline Hanson is using cyberspace to fight her political battles.

Her official Pauline Hanson, Independent Member for Oxley website is connected to another website called The Hanson Phenomenon.

From this website you can access a website containing information about a possible challenger to Hanson’s seat of Oxley, former premier Wayne Goss.

The information on Goss relates to the shredding of documents raised at a Senate Select Committee on Unresolved Whistleblower Cases, an imbroglio known as the Heiner affair.

There is nothing new about the information - which delves into one of the most impenetrable chapters in Queensland’s political history - but it does show that Hanson and her supporters are not about to take a Goss challenge lying down.

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