The One Nation AGM -
28th February 1999

Report by Scott Balson

Image right: Terry Sharples, the Liberal party stooge (ringed) confronts David Oldfield at a press conference outside the Rooty Hill RSL. Sharples is continuously reported by the media as a "dissident One Nation member" - in reality he is the front man for the Liberal Party taking One Nation to the Supreme Court in a case where the primary aim appears to be draining the party of funds to continue its fight for all Australians.

The One Nation AGM held at the Rooty Hill RSL on a sultry Sydney day gives a remarkable insight into the lies and distortions spun by Australia's "so-called" free press.... who are in reality extremists to the right of the League of Rights or to the left of Militant - when one considers the agenda of globalisation being pursued by their masters.

Image left below: a carefully censored visual - despite the cameras - Hanson and THAT book "Murder by Media" appeared briefly in television coverage but there were no pictures of the book in the paper. The book was so prevalent in the crowd of supporters that it's exclusion was obviously one of the selection criteria in the Murdoch press countrywide.

For one who attended the meeting I must remark that the reports by the custodians of free press were up to their usual trashy, newspaper selling standards - where truth is the casualty once again. On the basis of the reports by the papers I have concluded that, somehow, I was not at the AGM..... I could not have been because the truth was so different.

The Truth The Media and their Spins
Registrations, One Nation people and greetings Meet the media.. and protesters.
Speakers and Issues Raised The issues according to media reports
The support for the executive The three dissidents (Sharples - Liberal party trash)
The delegates meet the press How the media reported the show of support for Hanson and the new national executive
Concluding comments Some of the email received...
Feedback from Independent One Nation delegates How the media reported the AGM (Full articles)

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