How the media works

In the image below you will see the two links marked (1) and (2).

The timing and viewing are critical to what I am about to say.

The website at (1) is the visible page linked to the shredding of the Heiner documents as at the evening of 6th February. (The page as it was then can be seen at this link) The website at (2) is the "hidden" website as at this time. (2) was only made visible on the 8th February 2008 to meet the embargo requirements of the Australian Press Council. (2) carried full background information and scans of the Australian Press Council ruling while (1) met the Press Council's embargo requirements.

(2) was only given out to a small number of selected reporters in advance in confidence so that they could report on the issues raised by the adjudication after the Press Council embargo was lifted on the 8th February. It is the page that took you to this link.

Do you see how many hits (2) has had? Almost as many as (1). Obviously "in confidence" is one of the ethical standards that have been lost in the fabric of what is acceptable reporting in Australia. Clearly the in confidence link has been forwarded to mates in the media and obviously made available to News Limited reporters before the page was published on the 8th February.

Daily screen dump of statistics on - taken at 8.10pm on 6th February 2008

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