9th December 2003

That self-professed media tart, Queensland's Premier Peter Beattie, has once again shown his lack of understanding in the fundamentals of democracy.

How this man came to be Queensland's Premier God alone knows!

Mary Rose, a member of his Labor Party Ministry, has once again been found out using her tax payer funded vehicle for private use. Her son driving the car interstate so that he could watch a rugby game during the world series.

Beattie, rather than release the incriminating evidence under FOI has referred it to the Cabinet this week which, under HIS law, means that the documents exposing just how badly this Minister in his government has rorted the system are now kept from public viewing.

This is the accountable Beattie in action - and HIS law was initially imposed to prevent the media getting their hands on the incriminating documents detailing how the Goss Cabinet came to the decision to shred the Heiner Inquiry documents.

Time for a change.