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The Federal Parliament of Australia

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The dangers of corrupted records management have been illustrated in recent years through scandals such as those at Enron in the US, and the Heiner Affair in Australia, both of which involved the destruction of vital records. Poor records management, with the unintentional loss of documents, has caused embarrassment to organisations from government departments to small businesses.

Democrats in the Federal Australian Senate on child abuse

It cannot go unsaid that the Queensland government and this chamber know that this story is unfinished. The facts of the abuse, and the culture that produced the abuse, were revealed by whistleblowers. I include here someone whom I have spoken about on many occasions, Mr Kevin Lindeberg. For years we have seen the struggle of Mr Lindeberg to reveal the truth about the shredding of the Heiner inquiry documents—documents that we now know revealed the full extent of the information that the Queensland government had on the abuse of children in state institutions. Also worthy of mention are journalists Mr Bruce Grundy of the Weekend Independent and Mr Michael Ware of the Courier-Mail. Both of these people, at some cost to themselves, persisted in revealing the truth and the attempt to cover up the truth.

National Archives of the United Kingdom

this is important to avoid allegations of ad hoc review such as have proved so controversial in the Heiner affair in the Australian state of Queensland

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