7th May 2005

Dear Ms Quentin Bryce AC

I understand from the University of Queensland's Independent newspaper and the website: http://www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/goss that you, as Governor of the people of Queensland, have allowed the Premier to get away with allegations of a cover up of child sex abuse by not demanding answers to the Lindeberg complaint made to your office and submitted to the Qld government. Do you realise how that will go down in history in years to come when people use the Internet to research the manner in which the Goss Cabinet shredded evidence that is now legally recognised as a criminal act?

You will be personally implicated.

As a Monarchist I am appalled that the office of Governor is now caught up in the petty, shabby, media-tart politics of local State affairs.

If you have children consider how you would feel if they had been abused or, as in the case of one young girl, been pack raped by a system that is run by the same Labor government that shielded Bill D'Arcy for over 20 years and then acted to protect his six figure superannuation to keep him quiet.

I understand that you requested answers from the Labor Government over a year ago and that they have refused to respond. Please understand that in the eyes of the law ignorance is not innocence and in the eyes of the people looking the other way will become outraged public knowledge in the future because Murdoch no longer rules the minds of the populace - thanks to the Internet.

You would not know who I am but, in brief, I ran Australia's first on-line daily newspaper from 1996 to 2000 and am the author of several books (see: http://www.author.com.au) which look at media-based corruption in the state of Qld. In 1999 I was arrested for exposing Bill D'Arcy as pedophile and the then Attorney-General Matt Foley (acting on a complaint by The Courier-Mail) personally ordered my arrest. A brave Ipswich Magistrate when finding me not guilty slammed the political forces that were behind the origins of the arrest. The media said nothing.

My online daily newspaper is now archived as a historical document by request of the National Library of Australia.

See: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/10184

As an active researcher on the Internet I have played THE instrumental role in the establishment of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties following my work on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (http://www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/mai). Let me now assure you, there are number of books and a tenfold number of web sites being prepared which will expose Beattie and his cover up of the shredding of the Heiner Documents to save his own skin.

The choice is now yours. Act decisively to get answers to your submission to the Government of Queensland or live in the knowledge that when you (and I) are gone history will reflect on your complicit role. Think back on history and see how generations today look on the sins of those gone - and that was BEFORE the Internet. Do you want to be remembered as being complicit with covering up pedophilia or do you want to be seen as the decisive instrument that exposed the sins of government?

Quite simply, the choice is yours because Murdoch and Packer no longer control what people think.

Yours sincerely

Scott Balson

A citizen of Queensland

April 2007 - Update - the dilemma now facing Bryce