Beattie's lack of accountability makes joke of "accountable" government promise...

The following Question on Notice and Answer from State Hansard 27 April 1999 (pp1284-85):

38. Heiner Documents.

Mr Feldman (One Nation Party) asked the Premier (3/3/99): With reference to the State Archivist's role in approving the destruction of public records pursuant to the Libraries and Archives Act 1988 and given that the Labor Government has hidden behind the apparent approval recieved from the State Archivist when destroying the Heiner Inquiry documents in March 1990 -

Will he confirm, after checking with Ms Lee McGregor, the State Archivist, that had she not been deceived by the Cabinet into believing that no one wanted the material and had been told the truth that (a) they were known to be required as evidence in impending court proceedings; (b) they were the subject of a legally enforceable access statute; and (c) Cabinet wanted them destroyed to prevent their use in those court proceedings, would she still have given her approval to shred them on 23 February 1990?

Mr Beattie (31/3/99): My Government has set up an independent inquiry into child abuse. There have been 10 inquiries into the matter of the Heiner documents. I do not intend to waste any more public money on the so-called "Heiner documents."

Does Premier Beattie now speak for the State Archivist; Or is she happy that he speak for her; Or, who's fooling who?

And, of course, the joke known as The Courier-"Labor Party"- Mail  paper does not see the lie...

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