(c) Copyright 1998: by Graham Strachan

In 1972 a 34 year old Hungarian Australian in Rome smashed Michaelangelo’s Pieta with a hammer.(1) Why? If he wanted to vent pent-up frustrations why not smash something valueless? Why destroy something beautiful? Closer to home, people still thought of as misguided ‘do-gooders’ are systematically dismantling Australia, a once-great country, selling its assets to foreigners, giving the land back to the indigenes and turning life for its people into a struggle for survival. “Can’t they see what they’re doing?” is the question asked constantly. They can see what they’re doing all right. The man who smashed the Pieta chose it precisely BECAUSE it was beautiful. The people destroying Australia are doing it precisely BECAUSE it was once a great place in which to live.

The destroyers, mostly from the ranks of the middle-class Left, are acting in response to a mental state called ENVY. Enviers want to destroy beautiful or good things BECAUSE they are beautiful or good, not only to works of art, but social institutions which work, cultures which advance civilisation, and noble values such as common decency, human dignity, and even civilisation itself. Envy is hatred of the good, for being the good.

The Oxford Concise Dictionary uses ‘envy’ and ‘jealousy’ interchangeably. Jealousy, it says, is concern about losing the things you value, or being envious of another person’s advantages. With respect to the Oxford dictionary, this is not correct. Being ‘envious’ of another person’s advantages (as the dictionary puts it) is jealousy, not envy. To be envious of another person’s advantages is not to crave those advantages for onself, but to want to see the other person deprived of those advantages, to want the advantages destroyed so they cannot enjoy them.

The crucial difference was pointed out by Ayn Rand in an essay, ‘The Age of Envy’, in a book ‘The New Left’ (1970). Jealousy is a normal emotion directed towards the possession, or the retention, of values. Envy is directed towards the destruction of values so that others cannot enjoy them. A jealous person is threatened by the LOSS of a value. The envier is threatened by the EXISTENCE of a value.

The essence of envy was captured by the novelist Emile Bronte at one point in her novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ when the character Catherine says, “Mr. Heathcliffe never reads; so he took it into his head to destroy my books.” A little later she says to her cousin Hereton, who was unable to read, “ concealed [the books] in the bad spirit that as you cannot enjoy them nobody else shall. Perhaps your envy counselled Mr. Heathcliffe to rob me of my treasures.”(2)

The envier’s value system is reversed. As Ayn Rand pointed out, “Deep down [the envier] does not want to be rich, he wants the human being to be poor”.(3) The envier does not desire the value, but desires the value’s destruction. The envier desires nothing, hates themself, hates existence. Their reaction to a value is not love/desire/admiration, but hate. Their hatred is not just of any particular value, but of ALL values, of anything which enables people to survive and rise above the mud, hatred of life as such, and of everything living, including themselves.

According to American scientific researcher turned philosopher Dr. Frank R. Wallace,(4) enviers are basically immature anti-intellectual people seeking to evade reality and honesty. They hide their crusade to destroy values behind noble ‘causes’. They promote altruistic ‘ideals’ which drain values from productive people in order to subsidise the lazy, they crusade for fake ‘social justice’ and specious ‘human rights’ for minorities. They irreparably mutilate the minds of young people by getting into the school system and teaching the same hate for values. Their automatic reaction of hate towards the very things which might bring them enjoyment and happiness leads to a contradictory life with increasing anxiety, resentment, incompetence and unhappiness.

According to Rand, envy arises out of a recognition of values and virtues but a failure to achieve them personally. The result is “an emotional mechanism set in reverse: hatred, not of human vices, but of human virtues”. The haters avoid introspection, “which permits them a virtually unlimited choice of rationalisations”. They resent success, happiness, achievement, good fortune. They feel pleased when others fail, experience unhappiness or misfortune. She says, “If you have seen [envy], you have seen the naked face of evil.” Australians are staring that evil right in the face.

To achieve their ends, enviers usurp the power of the State. In Australia they are firmly in charge, and any threat to their monopoly hold on power will be met by the malicious lies, hate, and propaganda seen recently over the rise of the One Nation Party, a Party dedicated to the preservation and restoration of traditional Australian values. Once in control of the bureaucracies enviers, under the guise of concern for ‘social justice’ and ‘equity’, rob productive people of earned values and redistribute them to layabouts. Under the guise of ‘fighting discrimination’ they discriminate against those in society who enjoy earned success. Under the pretence of ‘redressing the wrongs of the past’ they set about destroying the present.

Thus the Australian pastoral sector, which the middle-class Left regard as a ‘squatocracy’, will be destroyed using Native Title. They don’t particularly care whether the Aborigines get the land or not, they just don’t want whites to have it. They naturally embrace the Marxist moral code because it forbids the private ownership of property and justifies their stance. Certainly they themselves will be caught by the same prohibition, but the envier doesn’t care whether they own property or not. They just don’t want anybody else to own any.

Under the guise of defending gay and lesbian rights the traditional family will be destroyed. The entire United Nations Year of the Family came and went unnoticed because nobody could define ‘family’ is a way that satisfied gays and lesbians, or at least their spokespeople. The chance for millions of young people to have a biologically legitimate sexual orientation and to enjoy heterosexual relationships will be destroyed by promoting homosexuality or bisexuality to children as ‘alternative life-styles’. Every chance for happiness by the majority is to be undermined under the pretext of helping minorities ‘feel more comfortable’ with their sexuality, their Aboriginality, or their whatever-ality.

Under the guise of ‘fighting racism’ white Australian culture will be destroyed, and why? Because it was good. Because it was infinitely better than the multicultural shit-fight now being foisted on Australians as the ‘way of the future’. The Australian flag will be replaced with something out of a newspaper design contest. Why? Because the existing flag inspires noble feelings in patriotic Australians. Men (and they were overwhelmingly men, despite the exaggerated coverage now given to women’s participation in war) fought and died under the flag. So enviers will burn it, desecrate it, pelt it with faeces and urine-filled condoms.

Under the pretence of rectifying ‘past discrimination’ against women, maleness is to be destroyed, and the society made matriarchal. Guns are to be banned, not only in self-defence, but PARTICULARLY in self-defence. Nothing must be permissible, not even knives, which enables decent people to protect their greatest value: their own life, and the lives of their loved ones. Language, which has served mankind well for thousands of years must be obfuscated and rendered impotent. Why? BECAUSE it has served man well for thousands of years. Thus the enviers’ ‘politically correct’ language rituals whereby fat people have to be called ‘horizontally challenged’. Language must be abused and distorted because it is good, is useful, and can be used to express beauty. It is no accident that the best applications of language, such as by Shakespeare, are being phased out of schools and replaced with literary junk. The Enid Blyton and Biggles books, which gave millions of children pleasure for decades must be banned as ‘politically incorrect’. The goal is to destroy happiness, and to turn life into a concentration camp.

The standard tactic is to take the decent values, reverse them, and rub the opposites in the faces of the people who hold them dear. Australians had better wake up to this evil which is destroying their country and their way of life, and fight it. Either way....whether they do or they don’ t....they will not escape it.


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