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The information contained in the Australian National News of the Day (@notd) was gathered by Scott Balson and others, working on a pro-bono basis.

Except where specifically stated Scott Balson neither supports, nor condemns any of the views presented in the material carried on this newspaper - it is provided solely for the purposes of debate and discussion.

These articles have been gathered from a variety of completely unrelated sources and are presented for archive purposes only. The emails received from readers and posted on the @notd reflect their views alone and are posted to stimulate open, uncensored discussion.

Many news articles carried represent news reports extracted from the mainstream media.

Every effort has been made to verify that this material presented did in fact originate from an organisation or contributor concerned but this is no guarantee that the information is factually correct.

Anyone wishing to challenge the facts of any material presented in this resource is advised to take the matter up with Interactive Presentation's news editor Scott Balson.

Anyone disagreeing with the concept of this resource is advised to peruse Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights before contemplating action against the paper.

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