Prosper Australia, Brisbane, 4th October 1997

Commentary by Scott Balson, Global Web Builders.

Links to about 50 images and full story at the bottom of this page.

As I was about to leave home for the Prosper Australia Rally the phone rang... a man identifying himself as an Aborigine named "Barry" and coming from an Ipswich Mission station. Barry said that he hated me.

He said that he hated all Pauline Hanson supporters and was abusive and rude using the "f" word all the time.

I took his comments and his threat to "visit me" on board... realising he was responding to an letter that I had written that had appeared in The Queensland Times that day.

(Barry or Dan right above - after he identified himself taken protesting at the Nicholas Street rally in August 1998.)

The rally was taking place just under 6 months after the launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation in Ipswich it was to be a celebration of Australia's ANZAC spirit and was planned by One Nation to be held in the heart of Brisbane.

email the editor Brisbane was Jim Soorley territory. Soorley was the Labor Party Mayor who was on a mission to keep One Nation from their democratic right of free speech... he had compared Pauline Hanson to Adolf Hitler.... he is despised by church groups, rate payers and, of course, One Nation supporters.

In the days leading up to the Prosper Australia rally at which Pauline Hanson was to be the guest of honour RSL head Bruce Ruxton pulled out of a commitment to talk at the last moment for no reason and the brass band who were to play at the rally were intimidated by the protest being organised by the violent Brisbane Anti-Racism Committee.

This was the committee that had planned to physically assault Pauline Hanson.

The co-ordinator of the protesters was the Brisbane Anti-Racism Committee whose spokesman was a man called Brian Webb (seen here on the right). He had said to the press in the days leading up to the rally that he was against violence, but as you will soon discover he actually incited violence at the Prosper Australia rally.

The protesters were the usual motley mob of lunatic left no-hopers (as you will see) who felt that they had found a cause, even though they did not really understand what it was.

During the protest outside Festival Hall where Ms Hanson was to speak thirteen protesters were arrested and two police were physically assaulted, one receiving gashes from an unknown instrument in his back and a female constable being bashed over the head while arrests were being made. She was taken to hospital. Photographs of the incidents involving the assault of the male and female constable are in the picture gallery.

Included in the arrests on a variety of charges was Mark Gillespie, seen here on the left at Queen's Park.

.Rintoul (spokesman for the International Socialist Organisation), who also apparently attended, said following the violence in Dandenong, "We don't condone individual vigilant acts against Hanson supporters," he says. "But we are for militant protests and mass action to close meetings down."

The official police estimate of the numbers of protesters was 300 at its peak. Some 1,100 guests ran the gauntlet to hear Ms Hanson speak.

My challenge following the event is to Brian Webb of the discredited "Brisbane Anti-Racism Committee" which is nothing more than a front for the violent arm of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to refute the claims made in this report. This challenge was sent by way of a letter to The Queensland Times.

Here is the evidence supporting this claim that the ALP are behind the violent Anti-Racism Committee:

Links below include about 50 pictures recording the event:

The protesters rally at Queens Park before the march on Festival Hall.

Fashion statements.

The march on Festival Hall.

Protesters try the patience of police.

The arrests begin.

Brian Webb, protest organiser, reveals the violence behind the Brisbane Anti-Racism Committee.

The protest marshals fight for glory after the arrests.

The Prosper Australia rally.

Pauline Hanson's speech.

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