The inaugural meeting of the Ipswich branch of
City Country Alliance

16th January 2000

Comments by Scott Balson

We met at 1.30pm in the Ipswich Showgrounds.

I had earlier had an interview with Jannifer Rutherford who is compiling a documentary on One Nation.

The outgoing President of Ipswich West branch of One Nation, Bob Edwards, had earlier phoned and asked me to talk about the unresolved problems associated with Pauline Hanson's One Nation and to act as interim chairman calling for nomination of the branch executive at the start of the meeting.

Image right: Scott Balson, Bob Edwards, Jack Paff and Heather Hill (speaking)

It was another hot Ipswich day with the small room, overlooking the greyhound track, in which we gathered resembling a sweat house rather than a meeting room.

About thirty people attended the inaugural meeting... a very different launch to that of One Nation Ipswich back in 1997.

After the positions in the branch executive were voted on and had been accepted I handed the meeting over to Bob Edwards who was elected President. A general discussion ensued with a few members of the old Rosewood branch of One Nation attending to find out what was going on.

Jack Paff responded to the question raising the issues covered in this link.

Following Paff's comments and my address to the meeting Heather Hill then spoke about the upcoming campaign for the seat of Bundamba.

Images below: Heather Hill addresses the meeting and ken Hill responds to a question from the floor.

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