Hanson's unexpected visit to Wynnum backfires -
9th January 2000

Commentary and pictures by Scott Balson

3pm Sunday 9th January... on a hot summer's day.

The members of One Nation Wynnum branch and other One Nation members had gathered to listen to the branch executive explain why they had resigned from Pauline Hanson's One Nation and joined the City Country Alliance.

The week before the branch secretary Brian Tombs had sent out the following email:

G'Day Scott,

The inaugural meeting of City Country Alliance Wynnum Branch will take place this Sunday (9th Jan). I am inviting anyone who lives in the Brisbane area and wants to know more about CCA to come along to the meeting. Heather Hill and Scott Balson will guest speaker.

I have taken a lot of calls already from interested people including a couple from some other minor parties who like what we have to offer and will consider coming on board. They will be at the meeting and they are looking forward to hearing what you and Heather have to say.

I can understand why Mike Kaiser is in a state of apoplexy regarding Bundamba. Labor are shot ducks and they know that they are again heading for minority government where they will be accountable to the minor parties and Independants. It has been a long time since labor was the "workingman's party".

For more information on Wynnum's meeting:
email tombstone@powerup.com.au

Pauline Hanson had arrived back in Australia on the 7th after a two month holiday in the US and made some extrame statements about Heather Hill in particular..

While the Wynnum branch members and about 40 other interested One Nation members from neighbouring branches talked I heard a series of claps coming from the room next door just minutes before the start .... as I looked Pauline Hanson emerged, unexpectedly, into the area where the meeting was to be held.

Her arrival together with Senator Len Harris, the state executive and a loyal band of about ten supporters was totally unexpected.

Hanson was later to claim that she recevied a standing ovation - in The Queensland Times and on Channel 9's Today programme... the images below taken moments after her arrival display a very different picture. Her inability to see the damage that her support for the 2Ds was doing was now reflecting on her personally. I felt saddened that she could not come to terms with this simple fact.

Images below l-r: Hanson studies the City Country Alliance agenda on her arrival - alone; guest gathered before the meeting started; the Wynnum committee discuss the unexpected arrival of Pauline Hanson and Senator Len Harris with Heather Hill; Hanson gets some water - alone.

l-r: Hanson talks to Wynnum's sole remaining member, Ian J Nelson; the state executive - Cheyenne Macleod, Vicky and Alan Doak; Len Harris and Pauline Hanson talk at the back of the meeting area as the meeting starts; Jeff Tyrrell, the President of One Nation Wynnum calls the meeting to order.

Standing orders suspended:

After a few brief minutes during which the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted - and no business arising was discussed a motion was put from the floor that: "We suspend standing orders and declare the meeting of One Nation Wynnum now closed."

Only financial Wynnum branch members were allowed to vote. Sixteen voted for the motion with just one vote against... a massive slap in the face for the President of One Nation - Pauline Hanson. The one member who voted against the motion, Ian Nelson, stood up during the vote and called for a point of order.

I looked around ands watched Pauline Hanson. She sat dumb-struck at the back realising that she had just witnessed an entire branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation defect to the new City Country Alliance.

There would be no going back now.... the Hanson phenomenon had been broken... Pauline was just another mere mortal. The executive asked those who were not interested in being part of the new party to leave. Ms Hanson and others refused to move so Nigel Gibson, standing in for the executive who had resigned, said "We will adjourn to the next door room."

As most of those gathered in the meeting area left for the room next door to discuss the new City Country Alliance Wynnum branch Pauline took over the stage... watching as many trusted friends left her.

Of the sixty people in the meeting area - forty were to leave and go to join the City Country Alliance meeting next door.

Of the twenty who remained with Pauline at least fifteen were close personal friends and, apart from Wynnum's Ian Nelson were not from the branch which had called the meeting.

New City Country Alliance branch formed:

The Alliance meeting was hurriedly convened with chairs being gathered in a rough circle facing a main table. As we prepared to kick-off the new meeting in the neighbouring room Senator Len Harris and State Vice-President Alan Doak came into the meeting area demanding the minutes and books of the Wynnum branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation. (Image right Harris and Doak leave empty handed after threats were made to have them evicted).

They left empty handed after a discussion during which they were informed that if they did not leave the club's security would be called to remove them. They returned to the meeting where Pauline Hanson was talking.

Nigel Gibson resumed control of the meeting calling on Scott Balson to address the floor. I spoke to the members about my court case and the issue that the Courier-Mail had raised about the origin of the complaint against me.

I then discussed the reasons why I had left One Nation and gave a brief background to my concerns leading up to the creation of the new City Country Alliance party by the Queensland MPs. I looked around the room and saw that I was not the only "whiteant" in the room - there was Darryl Wheeley - the editor of "The New Australian" paper...

My speech was followed up by Heather Hill who spoke about the new direction of the Alliance.

l-r: Nigel Gibson thanks the speakers; Heather Hill answers a question; some of the people gathered to watch history in the making.

I was witness to a most remarkable situation.

A sheet of glass separated Pauline Hanson and her rusted-on supporters where the meeting was originally to be held while the Wynnum branch members and about twenty others now sat in the adjoining room listening to the procedures take place as they deserted Hanson's party and the new City Country Alliance Wynnum branch was formed.

l-r: Brian Tombs talks about joining the Alliance; Heather Hill discusses the background to the formation of the new party; Pauline Hanson talks to the few who remained; Len Harris waves at me through the glass as he addresses those who remained with Pauline Hanson.

l-r: Jeff Tyrrell was appointed interim President of The Alliance, Wynnum branch (ex-President of One Nation Wynnum). Brian Tombs secretary (seen handing out resignation forms and new membership forms for City Country Alliance; minutes later Tombs had sixteen new members of The Alliance and an equal number of resignation forms for One Nation.

The Alliance Wynnum interim committee: l-r: Brian Tombs (secretary), Julie Sandells (treasurer), Jeff Tyrrell (President) and Barry Myatt (vice-President) take their positions at the main table; Heather Hill addresses the floor welcoming the interim committee to the City Country Alliance. 

l-r: Len Clampett discussed his High Court challenge against Tony Abbott over dual citizenship (Len runs the "Reclaim Australia" website); the editor of New Australian, Darryll Wheeley (and a "whiteant") with Bob Dutton (Jack Paff's political adviser); when kids play - Pauline Hanson at the top table outside with Ian Nelson, Senator Len Harris and state vice-president Alan Doak waving at me through the glass.

The raffle. Brian Tombs lets Heather Hill select the winning ticket; The first official use of the new Internet-based City Country Alliance logo; The new Wynnum branch members listen as proceedings draw to a close.

l-r: Pauline Hanson talks to supporters before leaving - the Wynnum branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation no longer exists; Senator Len Harris salutes me as he leaves; Len Harris with Vicky Doak on the steps of the Wynnum club; Pauline Hanson leaving the club with Harris in foreground and Doak in background.

Moments after the image above right of pauline Hanson was taken, pauline confronted me on the steps claiming that I had lied about her being in Sydney in December. I replied that the information that I had received was from a very reliable source. "Well it was wrong," she said.

With about four people looking on I took Pauline Hanson to task over the hacking of my web site in December. "Pauline you phoned me just before you left for the US and raised a number of private personal issues that affected me. We all know how you feel about personal things in your life being raised in the media. Well the things you raised were placed in an article that appeared on my web site when it was hacked into. The claims made were false, exaggerated and had one purpose to damage me. You Pauline were responsible for that..."

Pauline just stood there with a blank look on her face as I walked back up the stairs to the sausage sizzle.

Inside the club the new City Country Alliance branch "reclaimed" the meeting room - holding a sausage sizzle.

Closing summary:

Despite the personal intervention of Pauline Hanson and Senator Len Harris the Wynnum branch of One Nation closed down. The support for what was once "the Hanson phenomenon" is no more.... thanks to the 2Ds.

We must and will proceed without Hanson.

The Queensland Times article, 10th January 2000:

Hanson deserted

Queensland Times, 10th January 2000

"Members quit fan club," Hill

by Heidi Davoren

Members of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Wynnum branch jumped ship yesterday, announcing their allegiance to the newly-formed City Country Alliance despite the unexpected arrival of Ms Hanson at the meeting.

City Country Alliance (CCA) secretary Heather Hill said during the meeting members and executives of the existing One Nation had voted 15 to one in favour of switching to the CCA.

Mrs Hill said she had been inundated with inquiries from former One Nation members interested in joining the CCA.

She said there may still be a One Nation Wynnum branch.

"I'm not sure," Mrs Hill said after yesterday's meeting.

Ms Hanson denied any suggestion that One Nation members had defected to the CCA or voted against her.

"There wasn't a vote... Heather Hill moved into another room, but the majority of people that were there stayed and listened to myself," she said.

"The support was astounding... I got a standing ovation and overwhelming applause.

"Far less than half the people went with her (Mrs Hill)."

Ms Hanson said she had attended the meeting so members of the Wynnum branch could have an opportunity to ask questions.

She said that a steering committee had been put in place at Wynnum branch and it was "full steam ahead".

"I know people were concerned, they didn't want to see this happen. They joined for me, not Heather," Ms Hanson said.

Mrs Hill said it was a welcome surprise to see Ms Hanson back from America, however Mrs Hill supported the establishment of the CCA.

"The MPs have done what the membership asked them to do," Mrs Hill said. "We all feel its been the correct move.

"Until there is accountability and a democratic process put in place One Nation is not stable."

Mrs Hill said she was more interested in political issues such as housing and health, and preparing for the Woodridge and Bundamba by-elections than in One Nation squabbling.

"Its a fan club versus a serious political party," she said.

Letters to the @notd on the meeting:

9th January 2000

Wynnum branch meeting of City Country Alliance

Hi readers,

Today (Sunday, 9 January 2000) I attended the Wynnum Branch meeting, to decide weather to stay with PHON or change to CCA, the meeting started, after minutes from the last meeting were voted on, the Executive of the PHON branch stood down and went to suspend standing orders and close the meeting, until a none financial member of PHON party (Ian J. Nelson) told the then ex president of the branch he couldn’t do that only the branch could, so a motion was put forward and seconded to suspend standing orders and close the meeting, it was voted on and vote in favour 15 to 1, to suspend standing orders and close the meeting, but that wasn’t good enough for Mr Nelson, when the ex president appointed a gentlemen to chair the meeting to hear point from both PHON and the CCA, the un financial member (Ian J. Nelson) wanted to chair the meeting thus making the meeting divide into two, the 15 financial members of the Wynnum branch and 25 other people interested in forming the CCA branch for Wynnum. Leaving Pauline Hanson, Len Harris, Allan & Vicki Doak, Cheyenne Macleod plus all the other ring inns that were invited from other branches of the PHON to support Pauline, one financial member of the PHON Wynnum branch and of cause Ian J. Nelson and a couple of people that weren’t sure as yet.

As all the people in the CCA meeting stated that we were all prepared to hear both sides of the story from Heather Hill and Pauline Hanson until Ian divided the meeting, typical really that is what is happening in the hierarchy of PHON divide and conquer.

The meeting went well we appointed temporary executive and policy advisors listened to guest speakers Heather Hill and Scott Balson. I would like to thank the five MP’s for giving us an opportunity to join CCA keep up the good work.

Power to the people!


10th January 2000

Ian Nelson responds to Mark


In reply to Marks totally inaccurate recollection of events, or should I say his bias statement of the events of Sunday 9th. January, one would have to say that this character is living in denial along with his fellow clowns, including you Scott !

Firstly Mark, you must think us all fools if you think we believe you went along to this meeting "To decide wether to stay with PHON or change to Copper Chrome Arsenate party (CCA)" as you had made your treacherous mind up months before and were scurrying around in the night with those other ingrates trying to steal PHON party.

If this were not true why would you not talk to your own state executive about this.

Or, why didn't all of you just resign quietly from the Wynnum branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation and go start up your other thing somewhere else?

The next very interesting little pearl you let slip, is how did you know that Wynnum branch had not renewed my membership? Did you know that I had confronted them about this no less than four times over three months, but to no avail? Only to be told that "everything would be fine in the new year Ian" by Brian Toombes and treasurer Mrs. Dutton? Yes I think you knew.

Well, if you knew me better Mark you would have known I don't let things ride. I follow things up, and guess what, I am a financial member of PHON Wynnum branch. Be my guest and check it out !

The next part of your letter is a real doozy. You obviously have no idea about correct meeting procedure do you. This was a PHON meeting duly called by the then executive of the Wynnum branch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation, and protocal dictates that if you want a meeting run correctly you have to abide by the rules, as this was a formal meeting, with an executive standing down, the AEC will want records and minutes, you have to be seen to at least know what you are doing, savvy ? And as your executive refused to hand over all property of Wynnum PHON, there will no doubt be charges laid and ensuing prosecutions of your CCA executives for theft, unless your mates want to return all said documents to PHON.

Your next bit is a gem. Who do you people think you are ? If you think that you can call a PHON Wynnum branch meeting, and then just close it down and start a CCA meeting as if nothing happened, well we had news for you, didn't we ? You know what ? you cannot count. Are you telling these readers there was fourty people that wanted to join your Copper Chrome Arsenate party ? get your hand off it, you will go blind. What I can tell you about the good people of Pauline Hanson's One Nation is that there were sixteen plus Pauline, Len, Alan, Vicki, Cheyenne, all supporting Pauline Hanson, and the Wynnum branch of One Nation.

The single most significant positive aspect of this sordid mess is that Paualine Hanson's One Nation Wynnum branch is still strong and invigirated, and will continue to grow now that we are rid of you.

If all your people were prepared to hear both sides of the story, from Heather Hill and Pauline Hanson, then why did you leave our meeting ? It was still being convened, by myself, assisted by Len and Allan? In fact why did the executive stand down if you were all still not convinced?

Why did you hearl abuse at me and other members of PHON during this meeting, why did you try and have me disqualified as a "Non Financial" member? Can you see what all this looks like to all these readers? Well it is simple. You have been trying to steal this party for months now, and when Pauline decided to stand as No.1 on the Senate ticket in the next election, I guess your Heather Hill decided that the only way she can hit the ground running with a political party was to bring on the parliamentarians here in Queensland. And you have to say that the whole bunch are not blessed with the intelligence of most and were easily led, God bless them ! You could not have done this any other way !

This utter garbage that Scott has been oozing on this site to whip up all this sewerage about unaccountability, and money missing and David Oldfield and David Ettridge is exactly that, sewerage and garbage.

If you think that you will be successful with this lot, consider this: That Queenslanders have watched this from start to finish, and if you think that Queenslanders are going to support a party built on treachery, you are absolutely wrong, I can make book that come next state election (whenever Shifty calls it) you will be decimated !

Ian J Nelson financial member Pauline Hanson's One Nation

11th January 2000:

Response to Ian Nelson

Dear Ian,

Well Ian I have put forward my detailed recollection of what happened on Sunday and so has Scott, and our recollection of what happened are the similar and yours is different. So I feel you should pull your head out of the Pauline’s and the 2D arse and face reality, CCA is here to stay.

Firstly Ian I do think you are a fool, but not because I went to the meeting to decide weather to stay with PHON or change to CCA, as I had not fully made up my mind, as Allan Doaks had put the thought of changing when he sent out official e-mails running our five MP’s down for making sure they had a register party to be part of if Beattie called an election, as for stealing PHON party what a joke, as they state that it is a democratic party it is up to us weather we stay or go that includes the Queensland MP’s.

As for speaking to the state executive, what make you think the state executive would listen to me, if Pauline the state president wouldn’t listen to the 10 MP’s that dwindle to 5 MP’s and now no MP’s. I defiantly would have a chance of being heard.

As for your fifth paragraph, I quote “The next very interesting little pearl you let slip, is how did you know that Wynnum branch had not renewed my membership? Did you know that I had confronted them about this no less than four times over three months, but to no avail? Only to be told that "everything would be fine in the new year Ian" by Brian Toombes and treasurer Mrs. Dutton? Yes I think you knew.” I didn’t now that the Wynnum branch had not renewed your membership until the quote above, the reason I presumed that you were un financial, is the fact, that when the motion to suspend standing orders and close the meeting, was voted on it was 16 votes for, until you pointed out that Brian Tombs (correct spelling) was not financial, and how would you now this or did the state executive give out confidential information to an un financial member, thus making the vote 15 for, closing the meeting, and 1 against it, and as you were not the one against and didn’t vote you must not have been financial, thus bring us to the protocols of a meeting as you were not a financial member at the meeting, you had no right to question or make points of order until general business and as it never got to general business you should of just sat their as you were only a guest at the meeting and not a member of the branch, so you were out of place don’t you think.

As for the Wynnum branch carrying on the meeting after you broke it up, would be false as their was from what I was told that no executive was voted in “oh it couldn’t that’s right their was only 1 financial member present”, and we left the meeting because is because guests of the meeting wanted to disrupt Nigel, the appointed chairperson from carrying on the meeting so it was adjourned inside the dinning room, and you swooped in with Len Harris and Allan Doaks and started a meeting not a Wynnum Branch PHON meeting, as the branch voted 15 to 1 to close the meeting. It was just a gathering of mostly ring inns listening to Pauline.

In regards to the books being handed over really has nothing to do with a guest of a meeting as you must have been un financial member or you would of vote at the meeting, because you would have had to point out, in front of Pauline and Len that you would have been voting against closing the meeting.

In your last paragraph you mention I quote “If you think that you will be successful with this lot, consider this: That Queenslanders have watched this from start to finish, and if you think that Queenslanders are going to support a party built on treachery, you are absolutely wrong” well we are really right because people are leaving PHON and crossing over to CCA because they have watch it from start to finish and are fed up with the treachery in the party, and are changing, just goes to show how much unsuccessful NSW PHON candidate knows about Queenslanders.

Thank you for being Pauline court jester it has been quite amusing.


Loyal to CCA

City Country Alliance Wynnum reply to Nelson:

Dear Ian,

You claim you are a financial member of One Nation, well fine but you didn't do it through Wynnum Branch. I have tried many times to seek clarification of your membership and you never would. You are obviously a good journalist because you are careless with the facts. The Courier-Mail awaits you. You claim we didn't hand over the books when we all resigned. This is true. There were not enough members of Wynnum Branch of One Nation left to form a quorum so the Wynnum Branch of One Nation folded. Apart from yourself, there were only two members of Wynnum Branch at your gathering. The rest were ring-ins from Ipswich, Beenleigh and Logan hastily recruited to bulk up numbers. This was stormtrooper tactics and it failed to intimidate the rank and file members of Wynnum Branch.

We did not want to hand over important items to just anyone. We will have the books audited by an independent body and then mail them, as well as all correspondence and relevant documentation, by certified mail to the State Secretary Mrs Vicki Doak as soon as practical.

Brian Tombs
CCA Wynnum Branch

To Ian J Nelson,

I was at the Wynnum meeting on the 9th Jan and I can tell you Ian J that not all the members had made up their minds one way or another. What made up our minds was your obnoxious behaviour. I have never seen them so angry. You were the straw that broke the camels back with all your "point of order Mr President" and "point of order Mr Chairman" .You made up our minds.

It's obvious to me that in N.S.W. (where you have moved from) you do things differently. Bully boy tactics may be acceptable down there but they are not acceptable here in Queensland.

The members all knew the One Nation side of the story and we were going to get the City Country Alliance side of the equation. We are not idiots. Your planned disruption didn't work to your advantage.

Obviously your close association with David Oldfield and David Ettridge has taught you about name calling. There is no need for this. It is childish.

One Nation would not listen to the complaints of all the branches in QLD and now they are paying the price.

Guess who did listen ?

The 5 MPs, Heather Hill and Ian Peterson. I take my hat off to these courageous people. It is good to see somebody is listening to the people.

I still had a little bit of respect for Pauline but that finished on Sunday with the tactics they tried to pull.

Ian J Nelson you stick with One Nation because City Country Alliance is moving forward. Here's a tip Ian J . Start up your own branch in your own area. Good luck:-

Ex One Nation Member & Now a proud member of City Country Alliance Wynnum Branch

To all remaining One Nation Branches

Facts that you should know.

It must be clearly understood that the "One Nation" structure in Queensland (and the rest of Australia) is seriously flawed. There is no Constitution in existence and from this, the control and power of the Hanson-Oldfield-Ettridge triumvirate is no more than pretend power. There is no basis other than that that may be found in say, copywrite of name for any instructions from the Manly office to be heeded. All funds belong to the Branches from which they originated. All records also belong to the Branches and any attempted exercise of control from a so called "Head Office" is a pretence.

All these things stem from there being no Constitution in place from which fealty could be given and taken.

Kind regards,
Peter Glover ANZIM
Policy Officer
Wynnum Branch

Ian J Nelson


I am pleased you like to "follow things up". But you forgot that that's what you were going to do a couple of months ago regarding the allegations that had been made here in @notd. Especially the concern about the unaccounted for monies Manly received from the membership. Had you followed THAT up with the same determination you had with renewing your membership, you would have found yourself joining the other members of the Wynnum Branch at the CCA meeting.

Robyn M

Ian J Nelson

What does the J stand for Ian? Jackass?

You say you like to "follow things up", what absolute nonsense. The only things you follow up are the points you are trying to make, everything else is conveniently swept under the carpet and ignored.

You claim to be an investigative reporter, so where are the facts on Manlys finances? Are you pleased to belong to a fan club instead of a real political party? I suppose you think you've made yourself real important brown nosing to Manly, the importance is only in your own mind not any oneelses'.

Ian you can now be the president of PHON Wynnum, the secretary, the candidate, and the only member. A legend (in your own mind).

Too bad your little scheme didn't work when you came marching in with Pauline and Len Harris. I guess you thought you were going to be the man of the hour (delusions of grandeur), but ended up falling flat on your face. How embarrassing for you. Don't worry, the CCA will probably still take you in, as anyone's entitled to make a mistake.


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