The John Farnham Show... Saturday 18th March

A near full moon rising over the horizon on a warm, still Queensland night. The crowd gathered at the base of the stage in an open field. Tommy Emmanuel, the Australian guitarist, and his brother Phil played magic on their guitars as the time approached for John Farnham to appear.

(42,287 bytes) From the side of the stage as a member of the media I was able to catch the mood of the assembled gathering. As 8.15pm approached and the Emmanuel's left the mood of the crowd changed and chants of "Come on John" grew more urgent.

Then the stage lights dimmed as the crowd waited. When his band came on (29,382 bytes) there he was tall, confident and with his trademark golden mane flowing in the breeze. The women who had waited since 5pm to be at the front went hysterical.

During the next ninety minutes this (27,868 bytes) consummate entertainer sang a great selections of songs from Sadie to "Seemed like a good idea at the time." Everyone including John had a great time.

When he left the stage the pleas (largely from the females in the audience) brought him back with his exclamation "You sweet talking buggers..."

As he sang his final song "Touch of paradise" a pair of purple panties flew through the air onto the stage. Without even a hint of a pause John caught them deftly in one hand and placed them on the stage as he finished his song.

A perfect finish to a perfect day at the Indy Carnival.

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