Date: 13th March 1995.

A guide to making best use of the "During the Indy" information:

From Friday the 17th March 1995 the following information will be displayed under the DURING THE INDY icon.

During the Indy menu screen only:

The time of the latest update to the Web.

The leading driver - updated during the Indy race on Sunday the 19th March 1995.

Links to further information:

Summary log of all updates made during the Indy Carnival weekend.

A single line summary on, and access to, all "DURING THE INDY" updates (starting with this one).

The latest Indy Carnival news.

Articles received in the media centre direct from the Surfer's Paradise IndyCar track.


Pictures scanned at the track on a colour flat bed scanner, manipulated then placed on the Web.


Pole positions and other IndyCar race statistics of general interest.

Heard in the Surfer's Paradise media centre.

The "network" heard that .... (an insight into what the journalists are saying and doing.)

Incidents at the track.

Where did they happen? Who was involved? Are there any pictures that captured the moment? Yes, it will all be on here.

Driver details.

A quick look at the driver details contained under BEFORE THE INDY.

View Before the Indy information.

Information contained under BEFORE THE INDY icon.

Weather forecast for the IndyCarnival from the Australian Weather Bureau.

Don't fret about the weather - let the Australian Weather Bureau help you.

(For ease of use the information options are presented in a similar manner to those listed in the BEFORE THE INDY icon.)

All enquiries:

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