Global Heroes in 1997

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April 1997

Bibi Netanyahu has darkened our hopes for peace. On May 29th, 1997, we're turning out the lights on the Israeli Internet in protest.

January 1997

Nepean Hospital in Crisis "This has been a black month for the taxpayers of New South Wales... the policy of moving hospital resources away from areas of declining population to growth areas is dead." - Sydney Morning Herald 19 September 1996.

'In the face of pressure from the media and the "Medical Mafia" from the Eastern and Northern Suburbs the Premier Mr Bob Carr on Thursday the fifth of September turned his back on a policy of moving hospital resources to western Sydney that had been pursued by Labour and Liberal parties alike and announced through his health minister Dr Refshauge that from now on money would stay in the inner city and only go to the west if it were "capital driven". This effectively means that, in Nepean, we will get no more funding and our teaching hospital will be strangled at birth.

For this reason the Medical Staff Council (the assembly of all the senior specialists) passed a unanimous vote of:

No confidence in Mr Carr, his Government and the Dept of Health
and formed a Crisis Committee to fight this betrayal of the people of Penrith. We are not from the big end of town we are not able to get Lady Di or Kerry Packer or Mr Wran or Alan Jones to attend our functions and fight for us like St Vincent's or Royal Prince Alfred can. If you lived in Mr Carr's electorate you would get $1000 per head of population spent on you, in Dr Refshauge's it's $1150 and in Our area we get $560.'

March 1997

Papua New Guinea's Defence Force, General Jerry Singirok, Commander puts his career on the line to save the country from a group of foreign mercenaries - contracted by the government. Search on "Singirok" for full story.

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