With a population of only 18 million in a country the size of the United States of America the World bank have come up with some pretty amazing statistics based on the wealth of Australia's national resources.
You see, it appears that we are, on a per capita basis the world's richest nation with every Australian man, woman and child being a (Australian dollar) millionaire.

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Here are the World Bank stats of the richest nations:

1 Australia US$835,000
2 Canada US$704,000
3 Luxembourg US$656,000
4 Switzerland US$642,000
5 Japan US$563,000
6 Sweden US$491,000
7 Iceland US$486,000
8 Qatar US$472,000
9 United Arab Emerates US$469,000
10 Denmark US$461,000

Where these stats start getting quite interesting is that the Internet tells us that, the Correlation of GNP/GDP to number of Internet Hosts in July 1994 was:
1 Iceland
2 Australia
3 Norway
4 Finland
6 New Zealand
7 Sweden
8 Netherlands
9 Canada
10 Switzerland

When we add a mix of geographic isolation with rich nations and social barriers common in Arabic nations - only Luxembourg and Japan appear to be the odd ones out in a common theme of leading per capita wealth and Internet use.

The Internet - what an exclusive club for business!

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