Some examples of our innovative on-line concepts, historical firsts and graphic work dating back to 1995 can be seen at the links below. All sites are maximised for search engines - and the results speak for themselves.

We do not advertise in Yellow Pages etc... as most of our business is by referral through satisfied clients.

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A fuller journey of Interactive Presentations' pioneering work in computer-based marketing can be seen at this link.

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trading as Global Web Builders (GWB):

GWB's Web Sites

these are on-line businesses web sites developed, owned and marketed by Global Web Builders

Historical First on the Internet:

Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd were the first business to EVER cover an event live on the Internet - the Indy Carnival in March 1995.

The web site drew media interest from around the world

The Australian National News of the Day

Australia's first on-line daily newspaper edited by Scott Balson from 1995 to 2001. The on-line paper known as the @notd ran for over five years and played an instrumental role in Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party being recognised as Australia's first "cyber politician". It's historical importance is best demonstrated by its replication in the archives of the National Library of Australia.

Our most famous web site is that of "Koala Trouble". Established in 1996 by Scott Balson and his five year old son Alex for children it has been visited by over five million families since then. This web site won the award for the best web site in Australia in 1996 in the Australian Financial Review/Telstra awards and been visited by over five million families.

Excellent example of "niche" marketing - with t-shirts and mouse pads being sold.

Interactive Presentations On-lineBusinesses

We do not just build web pages we run several very successful Internet based businesses refining our skills for your benefit.


Scott Balson's research into the Strachan and Co tokens has created a large Internet following - the coins now trading for over US$3,000 per set between numismatists as a direct result of this work.

The "S&Co" are now among the most valuable token coins in the world today thanks to trading on Ebay.

Book Publishing

The web site for the company's publishing arm - the book "Murder by Media" was the first Internet best seller marketed on the web in 2000. Excellent hands-on example of in action.

Interactive Presentations have published 5 books since 2000.

Travel Business

Our global village homestay business is setting the trend for a whole new tourism industry.

The entire business is Internet based and has changed the lives of villagers around the world - helping them escape poverty while allowing guests to enjoy their unique culture - another example of the success of

On-line Marketing Business

Interactive Presentation's specialist on-line marketing arm is called

Check out why our clients rave about this service.

On-line CCTV Security Business

Interactive Presentation's specialist office and home security business which offers real time video from office to home and visa versa using the Internet as the gateway.

Scott Balson's Latest Book

We have been able to use the Internet in many ways - even to launch a book written in Australia in South Africa. All the planning and promotion has been conducted through the Internet. Take the link on the left and see the innovative window we provide to our S African market - preparing the road for an October 2007 book signing tour in South Africa.

Sample of GWB's
Web Building Clients


Comgroup Supplies.

Meat produce promotion to countries all over the world - very successful use of enquiry form
Woody Enterprises

Major campaign involving web strategies and email mailing lists.

Highly successful launch of new Naiad Rigid Inflatable Boat agency for this company.

Newline Products

Flash based web site with prodcuts and services.

Format we do not recommend for clients - as Flash is not compatible with search engines.


Small boutique chain of clothing stores aimed at young female adults.

Premium Patios

Upmarket customised patios for homeowners

Jarvis ANZ

Product based web site with dozens of PDFs linked to brief summaries of each product.

Multi Form Joinery

Information web site with classic one stop shop display.

Highway Diesel Service

One of Queensland's largest diesel engineering companies- participant in

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