October 22, 1998

Leiblers take a hit

By Allen Douglas

The Australia/Israel Review has been forced to dump its editor,
following its latest political dirty trick.

In mid-October, the editor of the Australia/Israel Review, Michael Kapel, suddenly resigned after five years.
The resignation followed the decision by the magazine, a right-wing Zionist rag founded by followers of the 1930s Jewish fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky, to publish (apparently stolen) membership lists of Pauline Hanson's One Nation political party in its July 8-28 issue.
It clearly intended to terrorize the members of One Nation, an insurgent political force in Australia which espouses policies of economic nationalism.

The magazine's personnel, including Kapel, stressed that the resignation was not linked to the uproar over the One Nation list. The claim was obviously absurd. The Melbourne Age of Oct. 13, for example, noted that "sources yesterday blamed the fall-out over the list for Mr. Kapel's departure." Australia/Israel Review's "outing" of One Nation had been denounced by numerous Jewish leaders, such as Marika Weinberger, president of the Australian Jewish Holocaust Survivors, who told the Australian Jewish News of July 17, that the publication was irresponsible.... It is not the way Jews operate. Nine members of my mother's family were taken away because their names appeared on a list. About 22,000 Hungarian Jews were taken away because their names were on lists." Although the magazine ostensibly attacked One Nation and its leader, former Member of Parliament Hanson, because they were "anti-semitic," Holocaust survivor Walter Dohan told the Australian Jewish News, "I don't think Pauline Hanson would have done any damage to the Jews. She has never said anything anti-semitic.... Why are we attacking someone who's never attacked us?"

That question was answered in an expos of Australia/Israel Review in the August/September issue of the New Citizen, published by Lyndon LaRouche's associates in the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), Entitled "The Leibler Brothers and the Australian/Israel Review: Economic Rationalism, Dope and Land Rights," it demonstrated that "despite its high falutin name, AIR represents neither Australia, nor Israel, nor anyone but the people who set it up, Mark and Isi Leibler, who have dominated Australia's Zionist organizations for 25 years, and their clique of ultrawealthy followers of Jabotinsky, whom Israeli founding father David Ben Gurion called "Vladimir Hitler."

The New Citizen charged that, although the Leiblers and their friends are nominally "Jewish," they are in fact toadies for what the old Australian Labor Party used to revile as the London-centered international "Money Power", which is pushing free trade, drug legalization, and the Prince Philip-sponsored scam of "Aboriginal land rights." The expos reported that the Leibler clique had been sponsored by the two financial organizations in Australia most closely tied to London, the now-defunct Tricontinental Bank of Victoria, which, before it collapsed in mid-1989, loaned billions to the Leibler circle, and the ANZ Bank, which was headquartered in London until 1977, whose name has surfaced in all sorts of shady matters.

The New Citizen also revealed the names and fortunes of the Leibler gang behind the Australia/Israel Review: Australia's second richest man, Frank Lowy, $2.1 billion; co-founder Isador Magid, $165 million; the much-investigated Melbourne businessman Solomon Lew, $600 million; and Isi Leibler, co-chairman of Canadian booze baron Edgar Bronfman's World Jewish Congress, who originally called for founding the magazine in 1973, worth $80 million.

Isi's brother Mark, a lawyer, former head of the Zionist Federation of Australia, and now chairman of the Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Committee (the parent body of Australia/Israel Review), has deep pockets as well: His tax-dodging schemes for major corporations have helped cost the government $50-60 billion over the past two decades. No wonder, then, after meeting with some Leibler associates on a recent visit to Australia, Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar charged, in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz, that "the Jews of Australia practically worship money."

Australia/Israel Review attacked Hanson and her party for the same reasons that it and the Leiblers have attacked LaRouche's associates in the CEC for years: because the LaRouche policies of economic nationalism are a grave threat to the globalist, free-trade policies of those in the British and Australian establishment who own the Leiblers. Asked why the uproar over the list had continued so long, Mark Leibler told the Age of Oct. 17 that it was due to jealousies among rival Jewish organizations and "rogue organizations running around creating trouble" a euphemism for LaRouche's friends in the CEC, who had circulated 100,000 copies of the New Citizen expos, including to every federal and state MP, and 10,000 copies into the Jewish communities in Sydney and Melbourne.

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